New Khatipura Railway Station to become operational in 2 months

New Khatipura Railway Station to become operational in 2 months

The new station is expected to share passenger footfall with Jaipur Junction.

Serving a footfall of almost 1 lakh passengers daily, Jaipur Junction is one the most busiest stations in Rajasthan. Keeping in mind the ever-growing numbers of passengers the station attracts on daily basis, North-Western Railway (NWR) is prepping up to launch a new sub-railway station in the pink city. Located at the distance of about 20 kms from the city station, the newly made Khatipura Railway Station is expected to ease passenger load at the Jaipur Junction.

Constructions at KRS nears completion

As per the officials, more than 125 trains pass through the Jaipur Junction every day. With the construction work nearing completion, the station is expected to begun its operation in two months. Apart from changing the halt stations of diverted trains to Khatipura Railway Station, several other busy trains that started from the Jaipur will now originate from Khatipura.

Notably, over 6 trains have already started halting at the Khatipura station. With the inauguration of the new railway station, the congestion on Jaipur Junction is expected to go down to a huge extent. Apart from this, reports reads, employees from Jaipur Junction will be transferred to the new facility.

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