New radar & tech systems to increase flight frequency from Jaipur airport

New radar & tech systems to increase flight frequency from Jaipur airport

Jaipur's constantly evolving city-scape is one that manages to keep a hold of history while also being progressive. This time, the newest such development is an overhaul of the entire airport's air traffic and radar system.

What does that mean for you? Well, for starters, it suggests that there will be a bunch of new flights from and to the airport. Jaipur's airport is constantly making room for more passengers and this addition of new technology is a way to accommodate the increasing footfall.

What's the update?

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In the coming few months, there will be a slew of new flights that'll take off from Jaipur airport, owing to the newly installed ATC technology and high end radars. The controllers will easily be able to handle the increasing traffic with the help of new technology. In turn, bringing in more traffic to the city and more flights for Jaipurites to choose from.

The benefits of the new technology will be reaped mostly during peak hours, when the ATC will get more control over flights. This will enable them to streamline the entire process of taking off and landing.

What's in it for Jaipurites?

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With the help of the new technology that is available to the ATC room, Jaipur airport will be able to manage more than 30 flights in just an hour. This is quite an improvement from the number of flights that can be taken care of right now.

Travellers will now have more flight options to choose from, no matter what the destination. In fact, this could also mean that Jaipurites will get connectivity to more places in the near future.

As of now, Jaipur's airport is often seen bustling with passengers with its capacity full. With the addition of the new flights and the new ATC system, there will be a complete change in terms of how people travel to and from the city.

Knock Knock

Residents of Jaipur are always on the lookout for all sorts of new developments. This is something that directly affects not only the frequent fliers, but also those that fly on a short notice. We're glad that Jaipur airport is coming up with better ways to deal with the heavy footfall and we can't wait to see what the future holds for the city and the airport.

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