Now get high-grade honey, oil & vinegar made from olives at Jaipur's new Raj Olive Store

Now get high-grade honey, oil & vinegar made from olives at Jaipur's new Raj Olive Store

Apart from products made from olives, this new store is here to promote the sale and production of organic veggies

Jaipur on Monday opened its doors to make way for India's first indigenously produced olives with ‘Raj Olive Store’ at the Durgapura Research Centre premises. The pro-green store is a one-stop-shop for those users who prefer organic vegetables and products made from olives.

Indigenously produced olives at reasonable prices

Apart from the vegetables and olive oils, this one-of-a-kind facility also sells high-grade honey, oil, and vinegar made from olives. Needless to say, these products come at a higher cost than conventionally grown grown vegetables. So with an aim to promote a healthy living among people by increasing consumption of organic veggies, products at this store have been priced reasonably.

Notably, the vegetables will be supplied to the store from the Agriculture Excellence Centre in Bassi. And the shop will remain open for the public from Monday to Friday.

Reaping sprigs of success

The benefits of olive oil are not unknown to anyone. Back in 2007, in a bid to promote healthy living among the residents of Rajasthan, the authorities sent a team of farmers and agriculture experts to Israel to study technical feasibility and economic viability of the olive cultivation in Rajasthan. After studying and reviewing the recommendations of the expert teams, the Government decided to promote the olive cultivation under public-private partnership in the state.

In 2016 November, after eight years of harnessing olive saplings brought from Israel, Rajasthan became India's first state to launch the country's very first indigenously produced olive oil brand called the 'Raj Olive Oil'.

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