Now, get quick addressal of complaints in Jaipur via JMC Heritage office

Now, get quick addressal of complaints in Jaipur via JMC Heritage office

A special team of officers from JMC-H will be deployed for addressing the people's concerns, and maintaining a log of complains.

In an effort to resolve citizens' complaints timely, Jaipur Municipal Corporation (Heritage) will now keep a dedicated tab on resident complaints, and ensure quick response. The Civil Lines zone office of JMC Heritage is building a robust mechanism to maintain daily log complaints or requests received from the residents.

Once complete, the complaints received per day will be reviewed in the evening and timely addressal of issues will be executed as quickly as possible.

Records to help quick resolution of citizen issues 

The decision to maintain a daily log of complaints has been undertaken after an uproar over a notice issued by the authorities on November 4 barring the entry of brokers and lawyers, into the JMC-H offices. After various associations and several councilors protested against the notice, the order was revised.

Following this, officials from JMC-H have decided to maintain records and coordinate with the departments concerned to give a particular date to residents when their issue would be resolved. A team of prompt officers will be deployed at the office entrance to maintain a log of complaints received each day. 

Additional information regarding Jaipur’s administrative directory is available here.

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