‘Nykaa On Trend’ arrives in Jaipur, check the store asap!

‘Nykaa On Trend’ arrives in Jaipur, check the store asap!

Parul Agarwal

Makeup and beauty giant, Nykaa, has just arrived in Jaipur!

Girls, it’s time for you to drop your phones and head straight to the offline retail store, now open in your city. It’s time for you to explore the beautiful interiors of the Nykaa store and get your hands on the amazing products.

Nykaa has surely made our lives easier, along with amazing discounts; the e-commerce giant has made available a number of brands and product, in one place. And now, Jaipur has its very own Nykaa outlet.

With the newest addition, Nykaa now has a total of 11 On Trend stores and nine Nykaa Luxe stores across India.

The store has a black exterior with two bright peach hued pillars and a dramatic arch doorway that leads the customers inside.

With lots of beauty products, pastel hues, floral wallpapers, and a luxurious touch, Nykaa’s new outlet looks fabulous.

With neon light on the outside the place looks very attractive. The inside on the other hand is more natural, with earthy grey and green walls; and has a marble floor and a brightly lit ceiling.

The Nykaa store has a dedicated section for Korean beauty products, a separate nail section, best seller section, face masks, and a lot more. You will also find a light pink wall with green leafy mural painted across it featuring flowers and trees that look super pretty.

Now it’s time for you to check the store out and refill your supplies!