With 4 new Omicron cases in Jaipur, Rajasthan's tally of the new COVID variant climbs to 13

With 4 new Omicron cases in Jaipur, Rajasthan's tally of the new COVID variant climbs to 13

Out of the 13 patients infected with Omicron in Rajasthan, 9 have already tested negative for COVID

In the last 24 hours, Jaipur has recorded four new cases of the Omicron variant of COVID. According to the health officials, with this addition yesterday, the tally of this 'Variant of Concern' has reached a total of thirteen in Rajasthan as of now. Notably, after Maharashtra, Rajasthan has become the second state to report the highest number of omicron infected patients in India.

9 omicron patients tested negative in Rajasthan

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Talking about the situation in Jaipur, the CMHO Narottam Sharma said, "Besides four members of a family who tested positive for Omicron after returning from South Africa, their family members in Adarsh Nagar Janata Colony had also come in contact with them. While five people were earlier found infected with Omicron, the report of the remaining four people has been also found positive."

Meanwhile, the administration has also taken samples of all the people in Jaipur who've returned from Ukraine, Germany and the United States recently. The reports of genome sequencing of these samples are expected to arrive in the city soon. According to reports, like most cases in India, all 13 patients of omicron strain of coronavirus detected in Rajasthan so far were asymptomatic. Notably, out of the 13 patients found in Rajasthan, 9 patients have already been discharged after testing negative for coronavirus.

42 omicron cases recorded in India so far!

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Amid the omicron scare, India has marked a total of 42 cases of this new strain of COVID across the country so far. According to reports, Maharashtra has recorded 18 cases of infection with this new variant, which is the highest in the country as of now. Apart from these two states, omicron has stepped its foot in Gujarat, Karnataka, Delhi, Chandigarh, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh as well.

To ensure the resurgence of another wave of COVID, the administration has directed officials across the country to ensure strict adherence to all the COVID-mandated rules. While requesting the general public to adopt coronavirus-appropriate behaviour, the government has imposed heavy fines on defiance or non-compliance with the stipulated regulation.

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