Pink City, Jaipur, has been certified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Whenever we talk on the terms of heritage, royalty and culture, our Pink City is bound to come up in the conversation soon rather than later. Since time immemorial, Jaipur has been hailed as of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the northern belt of India and truly, no other city can match up to the regality which this city contains in itself.

Every pocket of the city, is enveloped in history and and an other-worldly charm, which had been finally recognized by UNESCO eight months ago and now on Wednesday, Jaipur was officially conferred with a heritage certificate of being amidst the world heritage sites.

What's the News?

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, here on Wednesday, presented the World Heritage Certificate for the walled city of Jaipur to Rajasthan government representatives during a grand event at the Albert Hall. Azoulay presented the World Heritage City certificate to the Minister of Urban Development, Shanti Dhariwal while various other senior cabinet ministers enrolled in the Rajasthan Government, were present at this historic occasion.

According to India Today, Azoulay stated, "UNESCO will collaborate with Rajasthan Government's Tourism department to develop Western Rajasthan for tourism."

Dhariwal, while speaking to India Today, also mentioned, "The certification will help in bringing tourism. There are several places in Rajasthan which are not known to people across the globe but they will be on the radar."

Knock Knock

This momentous event witnessed several folk singers at their best in front of the dignitaries at Albert Hall and the event concluded with Jaipur officially finding an eminent place in this prestigious list. This tag is now surely gonna help in bolstering tourism of the city and we Jaipurites are teeming with pride as we speak write.

India's nomination of Jaipur City was inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO, during the 43rd Session of the World Heritage Committee held at Baku, Azerbaijan last year.

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