Preserving Rajasthan's cultural heritage, state's first handicraft policy here to aid local artisans

Preserving Rajasthan's cultural heritage, state's first handicraft policy here to aid local artisans

The policy aims to provide better marketing arrangements and employment opportunities for local handicraft artisans.

Rajasthan is well-known for its excellent handicraft culture including works like Blue Pottery, stone carvings, wood and sandalwood work, carpets, metal work, leather craft, Lac work, weaving and various traditional methods of painting.

In an effort to boost and preserve the local handicrafts of the state, the Rajasthan government released the first-of-its-kind handicraft policy in September this year.

What are the key points of Rajasthan's Handicraft Policy 2022?

From the revival and marketing of traditional and extinct arts to creation of a more conducive ecosystem for the sector, here are the key takeaways of Rajasthan's Handicraft Policy 2022.

  • To emphasize on making local handicraft products exportable and to provide global recognition to the state's craftsmanship.

  • To empower local artisans by generating new employment opportunities.

  • To acknowledge and honour the significant involvement of artisans and craftsmen in the social and economical development of the state by organizing state-level awards in multiple categories.

  • To uplift and support artisans by providing government-backed facilities such as brand building, e-marketing, social security, loan facility etc.

  • To organize exhibitions such as national-level handicrafts week every year for the promotion of local handicrafts. Also, to ensure the participation of local craftsmen in the exhibitions.

Directorate of Handicrafts will also be created for assisting artisans

The policy will further pave the way for the creation of a dedicated Directorate of Handicrafts, which will aid and protect the interests of local artisans. Furthermore, the policy is expected to generate more than 50,000 jobs for artisans in the next five years.

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