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ICMR serosurvey: 76% of Rajasthan's population has COVID antibody immunity

ICMR Serosurvey lists Rajasthan as the 2nd most COVID immune state in India.

Amid the fears of the expectant rise of 'third wave' of coronavirus in September - October, an ICMR serosurvey has pitched Rajasthan to be the second most immune state in India. Around 76% of the state's population have shown antibody presence against the infection, signalling the development of herd immunity here. As per reports, the survey was conducted by the apex medical body last month.

High rate of infections during 2nd-wave peak results in higher immunity

The ICMR tested a pool of 1,226 random samples from different cities in Rajasthan during the month of June-July. Of these, around 934 showed the presence of COVID antibodies, indicating prior infection or vaccine immunity. This amounts to about 76% of the demo target, second only to the highest prevalence of MP - which is around 79% of its population. Meanwhile, the lowest antibody count has been detected in Kerla, at about 44% of the state load.

The high share of antibody count can be tracked to surge in the infection during the second wave rise of the pandemic in Rajasthan. As per reports, around 6 lakh positive cases were detected here during the peak phase of the resurgence, during Arpil, May and half of June. This period also saw about 6,000 virus mortalities.

As such, the availability of new hosts is less likely in Rajasthan. The immunity drive is also propelling the number of people with COVID antibodies. Overall, this has boosted defence against the pandemic.

State-wise sero-prevalence in India

Reportedly, Madhya Pradesh leads the list with 79% of its population having antibodies, followed by Rajasthan at the second position with 76.2% sero-prevalence.

The list then charts Bihar at 75.9, Gujarat at 75.3%, Chhattisgarh at 74.6%, Uttarakhand at 73.1%, Uttar Pradesh at 71% and Andhra Pradesh with 70.2% sero prevalence. Similarly in Karnataka, it is 69%, Tamil Nadu 69.2%, Odisha 68.1%, Punjab 66.5%, Telangana 63.1%, Jammu and Kashmir 63%, Himachal Pradesh 62%, Jharkhand 61.2%, West Bengal 60.9%, Haryana 60.1%, Maharashtra 58%, Assam 50.3% and Kerala 44.4%.

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