Rajasthan Govt aims to gift 24 herb saplings to each family in Jaipur & other districts in 5 years

Rajasthan Govt aims to gift 24 herb saplings to each family in Jaipur & other districts in 5 years

Ghar Ghar Aushadhi Yojana aims to distribute 30 crore saplings of Tulsi, Aswagandha, Gilloy & Kalmegh, across Rajasthan

Under the scope of Rajasthan's Ghar Ghar Aushadhi Yojna, the state government has decided to launch a massive plant gifting campaign in an attempt to bolster the relationship between plants and people. With an ambitious intend, the administration has tasked officials to distribute as many as 30 crore medicinal herb saplings gaming each family, across the state, during a 5-year tenure. As per reports, about 1,26,50,000 families residing in the state (according to census 2011), will benefit from this scheme with a claim over 24 saplings of the four selected plants - Tulsi, Aswagandha, Gilloy and Kalmegh.

Phase wise distribution: Each family in Rajasthan to receive 8 saplings in the next 2 years

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Nurseries of the Rajasthan Forest Department are currently engaged in the mass development of thousand of medicinal plants saplings that shall be gifted to the state's residents soon. According to the 5 year distribution process, each family shall receive 8 saplings in the first year, which aggregates to more than 30 crore saplings. The process will ensure that each domestic set-up in the state has 24 saplings of essential herbs by the end of the sapling gift campaign. As part of the campaign, the plant saplings will be provided with information on their upkeep and proper use.

The state has allocated ₹201 crore funds to implement the five-year scheme. Of this, around ₹31.4 crore will be spent in the first year itself, to distribute more than 5 crore saplings among half of the households in the state. The following year, an equal number of saplings will be gifted to families in the remaining territories. Every family will receive eight saplings at a time - 2 of each of the 4 listed kinds. Reportedly, the distribution campaign will kickstart from the monsoon season.

Structured state machinery will contribute towards the mission

The state has employed several public departments to contribute and realise the administration's ambitious vision. While the Forest Department is tagged as the nodal department of the scheme, District Collectors have been directed to constitute regional task forces to ensure due implementation at ground zero. Additionally, the entire programme will be monitored under the authority of a state-level committee headed by the Chief Secretary of the state.

Highlighting the traditional herbal science of Rajasthan

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This scheme will also bring Rajasthan's native flora and their traditional use as health supplements and herbal medicines to the spotlight. "Rajasthan is rich in biodiversity and is home to several medicinal plants. The Ghar Ghar Aushadhi Yojana of the state government will help in conservation of this natural wealth and help people understand the importance of herbs and plants around them for health," said the Principal Secretary Forest and Environment Department of Rajasthan.

Probably India's largest medicinal herb promotion programme, the Ghar Ghar Aushadhi Yojana of the Rajasthan government arrives amid the grave hour of the coronavirus pandemic.

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