All schemes in rural Rajasthan can now be monitored in real-time with e-map & e-work apps

All schemes in rural Rajasthan can now be monitored in real-time with e-map & e-work apps

E-map and e-work apps will be integrated with the ‘Jan Soochna’ portal to ensure transparency of development

Rajasthan rural development department, in collaboration with the Panchayati Raj, on Monday launched the e-map & e-work mobile applications to effectively enable real-time virtual monitoring of all schemes under its banner. Over 25 state-level schemes are in the pipeline for 352 panchayat samitis, 11,326-gram panchayats and 46,118 villages in Rajasthan. Reportedly, the apps will keep a check on the implementation of about 10 lakh projects planned under these ambitious schemes, budgeted approximately at ₹20,000 crores.

A detailed overview of e-map & e-work

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The applications have been engineered by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), alongside German company GIZ and BMZ, and will be developed in two phases. While the first phase was set on the floor on December 14, the successive phase will be motioned by April 2022. As per reports, both mobile apps will be embedded with the ‘Jan Soochna’ portal, to bring all state-level schemes on one forum and ensure transparency as well as regular updates for each plan on the radar.

The platform will converge the activities initiated by the line department and development plans and integrate the data procured to update the GP-GIS-enabled plans. In addition to this, the e-map will help to envision the model of GIS-based GP plans on the mobile app by field-level functionaries and other stakeholders, improving the overall participation and ownership of concerned parties.

Benefits of the apps

While the new technology is a big step forward towards the idea of 'Digital India', the plan has been primarily set in action to ensure the proper implementation of all development projects in the state. A multi-faceted programme, the app will help to include the generation of real-time work progress at multiple levels, enabling the convergence of other activities that will ensure the clarity of the work done in that area.

It will then assess the order of workforce management of functionaries or users, as well. Lastly, it can be used to lay out progress reporting with stage-by-stage feedback, site selections or modifications according to technical feasibility, and geo-tagging of assets, be it online or offline.

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