Rajasthan to become the 1st Indian state to legalise wearing face masks

Rajasthan to become the 1st Indian state to legalise wearing face masks

A 'No Mask No Entry' campaign was launched on October 2, to officially impose precautions at various public places.

The Rajasthan government is planning to bring in a legislation that will make wearing masks compulsory for the public. With the execution of this bill, Rajasthan will become the first state in the nation to introduce a precaution against the spread of COVID-19 infection, by law.

Wearing masks to soon become mandatory-

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In a bid to arrest the contagious spread of the coronavirus infection in the state, the state government is planning to legalise the wearing a mask in the state. On Monday evening, the Chief Minister addressing a video conference stated, "The state government is planning to make it mandatory to wear masks in the state to check the spread of COVID-19 infection." He further pointed out that care before a cure is the only way to conquer over the rampant spread. "A bill shall be tabled in the forthcoming assembly session. Washing hands, wearing masks and maintaining social distance are the only ways to prevent from the spread of COVID-19 till a vaccine is launched," he said.

Recently, a 'No mask-No entry' campaign was also launched in the state, in order to promote this precautionary measure. At this point of time, wearing a mask is of utmost importance and is something that just can't be taken lightly. Thus, the need to make this a law, is a much needed one, as it will make sure people do not flout it in any way. It is high time for the people to understand that those infected, can spread COVID infection to a healthy person without wearing masks and the NO mask-No entry campaign was launched to create that awareness.

Festivities with responsibility

Other things such as the celebrations and festivities of the forthcoming Diwali festival, to be carried out with responsibility amidst the pandemic, were also discussed in this meeting. The Chief Minister batted for a Diwali festivity without crackers pointing out their impact on the health of COVID-19 patients. "Firecrackers increase pollution, which can be a threat to the lives of COVID-19 patients. Going with medical advisories, we should celebrate Diwali without firecrackers this time and should also inspire others to do the same", he added.

-With inputs from IANS

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