Rajasthan to intensify COVID testing & public awareness campaigns in rural areas!

Jaipur's treatment infrastructure to get a boost amid high rise of coronavirus spread.

In order to contain the spread of coronavirus in the state's rural areas, the government of Rajasthan has decided to cover all grounds and increase covid testing, in a systematic way. The state has also decide to amplify awareness campaigns, educating the rural population about the pandemic and use of precautionary measures, such as face masks and social distancing.

Authorities have also been asked to impose night curfews in 8 districts of the state, with absolute strictness. Besides that, the administration has decided to boost the medical infrastructure in the state capital Jaipur, to shoulder the urban case load and patient influx from neighbouring regions.

Rajasthan builds defence on all grounds!


Rajasthan is building guards on all fronts to prevent the development of any new COVID hotspot in the state. The state is placed knee-deep in the quicksand of the second wave and people's negligence is being pointed out as the primary cause, by senior health department officials. The norms of social distancing and wearing a face mask were flouted during the elective and festive rush over the last few weeks, which the officials stated, have resulted in a significant case rise throughout Rajasthan.

In an attempt to curtail this rise, the state has decided to push the testing capacities in the rural regions, where the process is currently being carried out at a receded rate, as compared to the numbers of capital Jaipur and other urban districts. This step will help the state to ascertain and gauge the root cause of spiked cases, and identify new cases with improved efficacy.

The State has also decided to ramp up the medical treatment infrastructure in Jaipur which is collapsing rapidly as more and more people, from the city and neighbouring regions, are opting for better services at hospitals in the capital. The Chief Minister has therefore directed all private hospitals to expand services, create more beds of infected patients and open up more spaces for them. The State is further working on elaborate arrangements to meet the requirement of oxygen cylinders for treatment purposes.

No relaxations amidst 'Second Wave'

The State Health Minister reportedly said that Rajasthan will experience the infection peak in December and the state has thus negated the provisions of any relaxations until the end of the wedding season on December 11. Officials have also been quoted saying that a night curfew will be imposed in districts which report a sharp case rise in order to break the chain of virus transmission.

As of Friday, Rajasthan's tally added about 3,093 new cases, taking its aggregate tally to 2,60,040 cases, with 28,183 active load. Recovery stands at 88.3% in the state as 2,29,602 patients have been declared covid free. Death toll clocks over 2,255 mortalities with 0.9% case fatality ratio.

Augmenting medical facilities in the city, Kanpur's Hallet Hospital to get a new Ward 50

A a 20 thousand litre oxygen supply facility would be installed for the patients in the hospital.

With an objective to expand the medical facilities available in the city, Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital in Kanpur commonly known as the 'Hallet Hospital' is looking forward to fresh developments. As per reports, the new Ward 50 of the hospital complex would be ready to accommodate patients in a year. The hospital administration has also planned the installation of a 20 thousand litre oxygen supply facility for the patients.

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Night Sky tourism kicks off in Jaipur!

The tour circle includes viewing of celestial bodies on special occasions across different spots across Jaipur.

Tourists in Jaipur may soon find an added attraction amidst all the existing views and experiences offered by the desert state. The state has launched an innovative night sky tourism for its visitors free of cost. The project was inaugurated by the state government's Minister of Art & Culture in the presence of the Chief Secretary, with an objective to bring more tourists to Rajasthan. The tour circle includes viewing of celestial bodies on special occasions across different spots across Jaipur.

Specific episodes from the astronomical timeline to be shown


With a focus on specific astronomical events that happen from time to time, the Department of Science & Technology has prepared a list of episodes to be included in the maiden project. The allures offered by the night sky tour circle include moon watching at Jawahar Kala Kendra on the day of the launch and the telescopic view of Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter & Venus from Jantar Mantar on February 11. While tourists may flock to Albert Hall for watching the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction on March 5, they will be offered a closer view of the year's biggest moon from Amber Durg on May 26. Additionally, Mercury will be shown from Amber Fort May 17 and Venus will be shown from Albert Hall on July 3.

A step towards encouraging curiosity and boosting scientific temper


The Minister of Art & Culture stated that night sky tourism would encourage people towards science and astronomy in addition to helping the students and researchers interested in heavenly bodies. He further said that the night sky show from different spots would boost the scientific temper of the general public. The Chief Secretary joined him in appreciation of the calm night sky, saying that a refined view of the moon displaying its pits and craters would motivate people's curiosity about Akash Ganga.

Secretary of Art and Culture and Science and Technology said: "The state government's objective is to inculcate scientific thinking among people, to make people aware about the happenings in nature in a scientific way. For this, night sky tourism has started. As per the astronomical scenario every month, this facility will be available free of cost at different places on different days."

'Udyam Sarathi App' to boost self-employment in Lucknow & other UP districts

A high-tech platform for the youth, will be unveiled on the occasion of the 'UP Diwas' tomorrow .

On the occasion of UP Diwas on January 24, 'Udyam Sarathi App', will be launched in the state. The app is a high-tech one-click solution which will provide every information related to self-employment and the job industry. This will help boost ambition among the youth, who will now be able to seek solutions and opportunities at their own convenience.

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Rajasthan girl becomes the 1st woman to lead flypast on Republic Day parade at Rajpath Delhi

Meet Flight Lt Swati Rathore, a local girl from Nagaur who will chronicle a historic moment for the nation!

This Republic Day, India will script a new chapter in the history of women empowerment. Flight Lieutenant Swati Rathore a local girl from Rajasthan will become the first woman ever to lead the flypast on the main Republic Day parade at Delhi's Rajpath on January 26, 2021. Becoming an icon for several young women in the nation, Swati Rathore has set her journey to a path which will bring honour and glory to her family, her state and the nation.

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Good news for Haj-bound pilgrims, a new Haj House to come up in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

The New Haj House will come up in Kharghar near Navi Mumbai Interantional Airport.

In a move to boost the future of Haj Pilgrims in Mumbai, the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) announced its approval for establishing a new Haj House. The latest structure is supposed to come up at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai, for which around 6,000 square metres of land will be allotted. Navi Mumbai will soon have an international airport and the new structure will benefit these Haj pilgrims.

CIDCO's decision based on a request from the Minority Affairs Ministry


As per reports, CIDCO, the infrastructure agency of the Maharashtra government stated in an official release that its current decision is based on a request from the Union Minority Affairs Ministry. CIDCO had received a letter from the Additional Secretary of the Ministry that asked the organization to allot around 5 acres of land for a Haj House and the seasonal office of Haj Committee. It further requested to allot the land in close proximity to the Navi Mumbai International Airport, if possible.

Reportedly, CIDCO has given its approval for a plot stretching over 6,000 square metres of land in sector 38 of Kharghar. As per the agency's statement, lease amount would cost over ₹ 14.2 crores in addition to the applicable miscellaneous charges and taxes.

Old Haj House located close to the CST Terminus


Currently, Mumbai has a Haj House located close to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus railway station for easy accessibility to the travellers. The complex is a 19-storey structure which provides shelter and other amenities to Muslims bound for the Haj pilgrimage. The pilgrims in the house are benefitted from the training and orientation programs held by a group of volunteers from the Sahyog Cultural Society. Additionally, the Haj Committee Bombay has been looking the trouble-free travel of the Haj-pilgrims since 1927.

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