Rajasthan to organize state-wide chess learning sessions for schools

Rajasthan to organize state-wide chess learning sessions for schools

The 3rd Saturday of every month will be termed as 'No bag day' across all the Rajasthan schools, during which chess sessions will be organized.

India has long been known for boasting some of the youngest and the most renowned chessmasters across the globe. Bolstering the skill among the schoolgoers of the state, the Rajasthan government will start mandatory chess learning sessions on every 3rd Saturday of the month i.e. on the 'No bag day'.

The 'Chess in School' initiative will commence simultaneously on November 19 in all the schools in Rajasthan, including Jaipur and other districts.

More about the 'Chess in School' initiative

The initiative was flagged off by the Rajasthan state education minister during the inaugural function which was held in Bikaner, this Thursday.

Furthermore, it is expected that the move will not provide an opportunity for the skillful individuals in showcasing their expertise in the game but will also be fruitful for other students as chess is considered to be beneficial for the improvement of several mental aspects including visual memory, attention span, and spatial-reasoning ability.

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