Sanitary napkins to be distributed to over 1.20 crore women & girls in Rajasthan under Udan Scheme

Sanitary napkins to be distributed to over 1.20 crore women & girls in Rajasthan under Udan Scheme

Reportedly, Rajasthan is the first state to undertake such an initiative

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the Rajasthan Government has decided to bring menstrual hygiene aid to around 1.20 crore women and girls here. A move brought under the banner of the state's 'Udan Scheme', this pioneering drive will distribute free sanitary napkins to women aged 10 to 45 years in Rajasthan. As per reports, this scheme will be operated by the Directorate of Women Empowerment of the state.

Udan Scheme to promote women empowerment in Rajasthan

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At a state function organised at the CM's residence in Jaipur, Ashok Gehlot launched the mascot and logo of the 'Udan Scheme' and assured the public that there will be no shortages of funds for the same. Besides bringing awareness about menstrual hygiene among the public, this free sanitary napkin distribution drive promises a sense of economic respite to women from the high-end sanitary products available in the market.

As per officials, the first phase of the scheme has been provided with a budget of ₹200 crores and will benefit 28 to 30 lakh beneficiaries. The move will then amplify to reach out to 1.20 crore women, in a graded manner, through its tenure.

Udan Scheme is focused on harnessing a lot of projects under its banner and this particular step will promote women empowerment in Rajasthan. The drive does not only recognise the needs of the women but also aims to deliver to those needs, truly defining the functions of a 'welfare state'. Rajasthan is the first state in India to launch such an initiative and it can be hoped that the cause resonates across the nation.

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