Rajasthan Government cancels REET exam due to paper leak row

Rajasthan Government cancels REET exam due to paper leak row

REET Level-2 exam is conducted for selection of teachers to teach students in classes 6 to 8
After facing protests over Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers (REET) 2021 paper leak, the state administration on Monday cancelled the Level-2 papers. Reportedly,
the date for the Level 2 exams will be announced soon after March 15, with the submission of the leak investigation report. It may be noted here that Level 1 exams will not be cancelled, since the leak was perceived at Level-2 only.

REET to now make appointments for 62,000 posts

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Addressing a press conference on Monday, the Rajasthan Chief Minister informed the residents about the cancellation of REET L-2 exam. "We have decided to cancel REET L-2 exam and it will be conducted afresh. Paper leak did not occur in L-1 exam so only L-2 will be conducted."

The CM also added that this year’s candidates who have passed the REET Level-1 examination will be given appointment on a merit. They do not have to take any other examination. "Also, now there will be 62,000 recruitments made in REET Level I and Level II papers in total out of which 15,000 have been fixed for first Level", the Minister said.

What's the investigation update?

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The REET exams were conducted on September 26 and 27, in which more than 23 lakh candidates appeared. The exam was conducted for a total of 32,000 posts, wherein, Level-1 had 15,500 posts while Level-2 had 16,500 posts. However, the paper was leaked before the exam and had reached more than 33 centres.

What followed were protests from candidates and a thorough investigation to identify the discrepancies of the case. On Saturday, the Board of Secondary Education Chairman was sacked and the Board Secretary along with two others were suspended, in connection with the paper leak of REET-2021. About 38 people have been arrested in the paper leak case by the Special Operations Group (SOG) of Rajasthan police, so far.

Meanwhile, the state government has further assured the youth that it will enact a law, with strict measures, to stop exam paper leaks and avert such situations in the future. This will ensure that exams are conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

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