Sale of electronics is booming in Rajasthan with the need of online work & learning

Many families have also invested in bigger screens to ensure their kids' education and entertainment remain unaffected and smooth.

If COVID-19 has benefited anything or anybody at all, that would definitely be the e-commerce section, especially the electronics' category. Basic needs and wants have reformed the service qualities of e-commerce platforms, which have now become progressively receptive and efficient. Member of FICCI, Ajay Data, has even stated that the sale of electronic items seem to have surged by 200 percent in the last few months. This has taken course, mostly because of the current online education system in place and the rise in demands of various items, have found a strong footing in households.

Adjusting according to what the pandemic demands

Ajay Data further added that, besides online education, many families have bought automatic washing machines and electronic gadgets to clean the houses in the absence of maids, in the wake of the pandemic. Many families have also invested in bigger screens to ensure their kids' education and entertainment remain unaffected and smooth.

"What is the other way around? You can't sit with your hands folded but will try to find alternatives to ensure regular work which was being done in pre-pandemic days, continues to be done the same way. It has become a need of the hour to align yourself in a pandemic situation so that the work you were doing earlier still happens. So you are slowly entering into the gadget world feeling the need", Data was quoted saying.

"Basically there are three categories of buying. First is luxury wish-based buying, second is essential day-to-day need-based buying and third is need-based buying. Electronic gadgets come under the second category; day-to-day need-based buying. In the present circumstances it might not be wrong to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a gadget world inside homes."

"Traders say it seems like Diwali time here."

Rajasthan Computer Traders Association member, Shyam Sharma, also strongly supported Data's statement.
"Sale of computers and laptops has increased many times, credit online education. Traders say it seems like Diwali time here. However, in the wake of rising tensions on the border and trade ties with China going south, RAM and motherboard supplies from China have slowed", he added. Sharma even mentioned, "A decade back all such items were imported from Thailand. So Thailand is again emerging as our channel. However, in the next couple of years, India will be manufacturing this stuff."

Truly the infrastructure of technology has done wonders and without the present diverse e-commerce platforms, we all would've been doomed.

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