Second phase trials of indigenous coronavirus vaccine, COVAXIN, begin in Jaipur

Second phase trials of indigenous coronavirus vaccine, COVAXIN, begin in Jaipur

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The success of the first phase trials and consequent positive feedback by the Indian Council of Medical Research has paved the way for the initiation of phase II trials of the COVAXIN vaccination in Jaipur, on Friday. COVAXIN is India's first indigenous vaccine against the spread of coronavirus, which is being co-produced by the Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech and National Institute of Virology, under the guidance of the ICMR.

Booming recovery in the city Jaipur

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The Chief Principal Investigator of COVAXIN trials, Jaipur stated that trials of the vaccine have been distributed over two stages and the second phase started only after the ICMR released the reports of the initial phase one, which projected positive trends. Besides this, the Chief Investigator further added that all individuals volunteering for these trial runs will be under constant medical supervision.

Besides the positive reports of the phase one trial of the vaccine, Jaipur on Friday marked yet another victory against the transmission of the coronavirus infection. As per reports, the Pink City has recorded its highest tally of recovered patients, since the outbreak of the viral infection in April. Jaipur furnished 798 recoveries on Friday, and a similar tally was also recorded on Thursday as well. With this soaring rate of recuperation in Jaipur, the number of fresh cases fell short, minimising the active caseload to negatives. According to the recorded data, Jaipur's recovery count has exceeded that of new infections for over 15 days now.

At present, Jaipur total tally of confirmed virus infections stands at 55,271, out of which 4,805 are still under active medical treatment. With the addition of a couple more deaths on Friday, the capital's mortality toll has clocked at 486 fatalities.

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