The cost for RT-PCR tests in private labs across Rajasthan has now been reduced to ₹800!

The cost for RT-PCR tests in private labs across Rajasthan has now been reduced to ₹800!

State slashes ₹400/- for COVID-19 tests at all ICMR-approved labs in Rajasthan.

The Rajasthan government has capped the cost of COVID-19 tests across private laboratories in the state to ₹800, bringing major relief to its residents. This decision that was given out on Saturday, also stated that Rajasthan is among the only two states in the nation which are testing people through the golden standards of the reliable RT-PCR method. The head of the state also urged people to get themselves tested if they suspect the development of any virus symptom, as delays in identification makes the disease fatal.

COVID-19 tests now made affordable at private labs!

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The Rajasthan authorities are building stronger defences against the COVID-19 infection and the capped prices of RT-PCR tests in the state forms a prime example of this. In the earliest phase of the pandemic outbreak, COVID-19 testing was marked at ₹4,000 in the state, which was later cut down to ₹2200 and then to a lower ₹1200, in the last eight months. This price too, was burning a hole in the pockets of the middle class, who were standing in long queues outside government-run facilities to get the tests done. However, now, the same test has been made available at just ₹800 at all private labs in Rajasthan. The decision will be implemented as soon as the testing-kits are provided to the labs at a reduced cost.

Strengthening medical facilities, to fight against the pandemic

In a bid to further strengthen the state's medical and treatment facilities, the Chief Minister also inaugurated a dedicated ICU unit in RUHS hospital in Jaipur, which is equipped with 70 beds, in addition to Covid-19 testing labs in six towns. He also assured the citizens that the state's overall recovery has boomed to a respectable 88.3%, along with a case fatality ratio which is less than 1%, one of the lowest in the country and therefore asked them to not panic. Besides, RT-PCR Covid-19 testing is now available in all state districts, boosting both screening and treatment facilities across Rajasthan.

Secretary Health Education informed that at present, testing is being done across 38 government and 23 private labs in Rajasthan, so far as many as 60,000 RT-PCR tests have been conducted in a day. Rajasthan's aggregate tally stands at 2,65,386, with an active caseload of 28,758 infections. Recovery stands at 2,34,336, with a death toll that has clocked past 2,292 mortalities.

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