The walled city of Jaipur will soon be declared as a ‘no construction zone’

The walled city of Jaipur will soon be declared as a ‘no construction zone’

A perfect blend of old world charms and contemporary vibrancy, Jaipur is blissfully captivating! It is a city where you can daily excavate through the layers of time and still be left with a lot on you plate to explore. This land of palaces, forts and ancient monuments is a history lover’s paradise and the authorities here are making sure to push this city to its glorious peaks.

Along similar lines, Rajasthan Government is all set to convert Jaipur into a heritage city and we’ve got the deets covered.

What’s the News?

The scenic and iconic walled city of Jaipur will soon be declared by the state government as a ‘no construction zone’ which will put a stop to all sorts of construction work in the city. This move will be initiated by the Rajasthan Government, to get the walled city on the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. A committee of experts will come together for further discussion on this and people will have to get prior permission from the committee for any construction or renovation. On the illegal constructions, the JMC will work on the guidelines of Archaeological Survey of India and it will be mapped, studied and a report will be curated for further actions.

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Once the walled city turns into a ‘no-construction zone’, a complete ban will be imposed on any construction or even renovation by families settled there. Due to heavy traffic congestion, unorganized constructions and illegal encroachments in the city, the city is unable to brag about the UNESCO tag. All these setbacks have held back Jaipur from meeting the standards specified by UNESCO.

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This will be a welcome move to maintain the legacy of the Pink City and this will also contribute to public welfare.

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