THIS regal haveli turned hotel in Jaipur is all set to kick up your Instagram game!

THIS regal haveli turned hotel in Jaipur is all set to kick up your Instagram game!

The Johri at Lal Haveli in Jaipur is way too aesthetically pleasing for you to miss!

One of the most prominent buildings in the city, Lal Haveli rests in the heart of Johri Bazar in Jaipur. Unlike any other haveli in the Pink City, this edifice was built using limestone. It has several features which are unique and limited to it only.

Bought in the year 1871, by [Late] Munshi Dhanna Lal Kasliwal, from the then State of Jaipur for ₹ 2,000, the palace underwent many changes. Read on to know all about this regal haveli turned hotel in Jaipur that will help you ace your Instagram game!

The transition from historic haveli to a luxury hotel

Lal Haveli has two courtyards- one on the east, overlooking the north and the other courtyard stands in the western wing. Apart from the historic architecture and features unique to the haveli, it is also known as the sacred family temple. The Haveli has a ritual of worshipping the idol of Lord Ganesha, twice a day, every day, which has been followed religiously, for more than 100 years now.

With the desire to open the haveli to the world, it was converted into a luxurious boutique hotel, named The Johri in the year 2019 by Mr Sudhanshu Kasliwal.

Visit The Johri to witness the elegance of the bygone era

From the family of 28 Kothi, this hotel is a historic haveli, meticulously restored to encapsulate the grace and elegance of the bygone era. Lal Haveli, remodelled as The Johri, is a retreat for visitors, who wish to explore Jaipur's magic and colourful beauty. The intimate luxury hotel features a careful curation of antique furniture, textiles, and Rajasthani art that gives this place an opulent vibe.

Spacious suites, an all-vegetarian restaurant & a lot more

With five spacious suites, a restaurant serving season-focused vegetarian delicacies, an intimate cocktail bar and a peaceful massage parlour, the hotel provides beauty with tranquillity and personalised services at every turn. All five suites face the inner courtyard and offer exceptional comfort by housing a unique blend of heritage, craftsmanship and modernity.

Plan your next staycation at the majestic haveli!

After having a look at these breathtaking images of the hotel, we know you've fallen in love with them too! Pamper yourself by planning an indulgent staycation at this regal haveli. Check out the official website of The Johri to know more about the history of Lal Haveli.

Location: 3950, MSB Ka Rasta, Johri Bazar, Ghat Darwaza, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Contact number: +918905551680

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