Thrilling activities to partake in Jaipur!

Thrilling activities to partake in Jaipur!

Jaipur is a great tourist destination for anyone looking for a cultural and heritage get away. A royal city complete with rajahs and maharajahs, forts and palaces and some handicrafts is what Jaipur is all about. But, for those looking for a whole new take, Jaipur has a range of activities to satiate your inner adventure seeker.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Indulge in a hot air balloon safari to give you a whole new perspective of the city. You can drift over the open landscapes of the city, experience breathtaking views of forts, villages and quaint palaces across the city. The ride will cover two different areas. The first one is on the northern side of Jaipur giving one a bird’s eye view of the bustling city. The second one is a little further from the main city and takes you on an aerial trip to the open landscapes around Samode Palace.

Elephant Ride at Amer Fort

Roam around the mighty Amer Fort like a king in the medieval times. The elephant rides here are not to be missed as you wade through the general public through ease on the back of your trusty steed, which in this case would happen to be an elephant. You can witness the awesomeness of the fort without fatigue or discomfort to your royal self. This makes it one of the most royal and non-tiring adventure experiences on this list.

Cycle your way through Nahargarh Fort

Take a ride through history on your bicycle as you pass the magnificent archways and intricate details of Nahargarh Fort. You can immerse yourself in the detailed pathways of the fort that zigzag through the entire structure. In addition, you can even take a rest and stop to view some amazing Indian and European architecture, or the hand made crafts that are available here at the visitors’ shoppe which makes for a very unique facade.

Motorcycle Tour with Tamboo

Pick up your bikes and ride like the wind. Tamboo gives you an opportunity to visit some great off beat places around the city of Jaipur. Here, you can camp for a day or two, get familiar with the local flora and fauna and witness some amazing magic in the clear night sky. Tamboo also organizes bonfire parties and barbecues. Make a plan with a couple of friends and hit the road.

Chills at Bahangarh Fort

Touted as one of the most creepy places in all of India, you must pay a visit here- but only while the sun is out. Though it is a little far from Jaipur, the trip is going to be worth it. During the day, it is a peaceful little fort with secret passages and doorways for the ghouls to hide in. The locals in the villages around will have some seriously spooky tales to tell you if you’re interested in them.

So make your way to Jaipur for an adventure packed get away. Not only will the tourists enjoy this, but so will the loacalites who have been too busy to catch a break. Jaipur may seem like an beaten to death tourist destination but if you look closely, each street has a story of its own!