Jewel Palace in Lucknow is offering fresh Bridal Collections & Free Jewellery Insurance

With the shaadi season en route, you’re either on the guest list or you’re the person who is actually tying the knot for life. When it comes to accessorising for such events, fancy jewellery is always our go-to option.

Jewellery compliments the wearer of course but it amps up their natural style too. Whether you’re donning a customised ring or a traditional maang-tika, the chosen pieces actually reflect the owner’s persona.

Finding the right trinket within a budget and according to the occasion becomes a task and to ease out our woes or rather, to spoil us with choices, Lucknow’s Jewel Palace has pitched in and how!

Designer Collections & Free Jewellery Insurance

This season, Jewel Palace is offering us stellar lightweight designer jewellery options so be it for the bride or the attendees, you can actually pick up a thing, two, or a dozen, when here.

Their feathery light jewels actually can be donned on a regular basis, worn to office parties, formal events and it can double up as a gifting option too, if you’re looking for the perfect gift. Although 70 decades have passed by, they’ve actually changed their offerings keeping the contemporary times in mind yet they’ve still stuck on to purity of the olden days. The price range is affordable too- gold rings start at just ₹4,995 and you can bag chains here, starting at ₹8,995 only.

Jewel Palace is also providing free jewellery insurance on every purchase above ₹10,000 and as for the pricing, it cannot get any better than this! Starting from ₹200 to ₹20,00,000 and above, Jewel Palace has articles for everybody’s purse, purpose & personality.

For The Bride-To-Be!

Jewel Palace has also launched its exclusive Adriti Wedding Collection recently, which encompasses light-weight kundan jewellery! It profoundly appeals to brides, who want to maintain a fine balance between traditional and contemporary fashion choices.

The folks here also provide dedicated bridal appointments wherein they provide full jewellery consultancy, for a better fit. They guide you on your journey of purchasing your wedding jewellery because later, it translates to a piece of nostalgia and family heirloom.

Jewel Palace helps you to find finery which will complement your body, face and the overall attire of course! To jazz up your excitement, they are even offering a special discount of flat 50% on the making charges of bridal jewellery.

Knock Knock

Over the last 70 years, Jewel Palace has risen to the zenith of its prominence and it speaks heaps about this brand’s credibility. They leave no stone unturned to make us feel comfortable with our choices and their artisanship is simply unmatched.

Their subtle yet glamorous collection has our hearts and no matter which side of the party you’re on, Jewel Palace will definitely have something for everyone.

Location: Shiv Plaza, 551/JHA/38, Kanpur - Lucknow Rd, Ram Nagar, Alambagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226005

Contact: 0522 433 0770

P.S. Closed on Thursdays

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