14 Enforcement Teams Deployed at Major Intersections in Kanpur

14 Enforcement Teams Deployed at Major Intersections in Kanpur

14 teams to monitor key intersections, auto-rickshaw restrictions enforced.

The Chief Commissioner of Police, Kanpur, has deployed 14 enforcement teams at 14 major intersections in the city to tackle the increasing traffic congestion. The intersections at which the teams are deployed are, Bada Chauraha, Jareeb Chowki, Tat Mill, Gharaghar, Fazalganj, Barra Bypass, Schan Chauraha, Nand Lal, and Chawla Market.

Restriction on auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws too

Each enforcement team comprises an inspector, a sub- inspector, and 4 constables. They are responsible for clearing encroachments 100m from the intersection and organising vendors. The designated areas for picking up and dropping off passengers will be 100 metres to 500 metres from the junction. The enforcement team will report to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) of the relevant circle. The ACPs will patrol major junctions in their jurisdiction.

The Joint Commissioner of Police also clarified that auto-rickshaws and e- rickshaws are not allowed to stop and drop the passengers at these intersections. He also said that steps will be taken to remove rickshaw stands which are causing major traffic issues.

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