3 of UP's PAC battalions to be named after female warriors of Indian freedom struggle

3 of UP's PAC battalions to be named after female warriors of Indian freedom struggle

The CM has mandated that women officers must constitute for 20% of all appointments in Uttar Pradesh Police.

Celebrating the contribution of female warriors in the Indian independence movement, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to name three Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) women battalions after them. According to the announcements, the female groups shall be named after Rani Avantibai Lodhi, Uda Devi, and Jhalkaribai who lost their lives fighting for the cherished freedom of our nation.

Females to account for 20% of all appointments in UP Police

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Speaking about the latest declaration, the Chief Minister mentioned that Avantibai Women Battalion, Uda Devi Women Battalion, and Jhalkari Bai Women will be instituted in Badaun, Lucknow, and Gorakhpur, respectively. In this regard, all the preliminary proceedings have already been initiated. The CM also mentioned that females must account for 20% of all appointments in the Uttar Pradesh Police Force.

Further, the CM talked about the bravery of female warriors who played a prominent role in the freedom struggle. While Rani Laxmibai led the movement in Jhansi, the revolt progressed under the leadership of Rani Avantibai Lodhi in Ramgarh. The CM asserted that these female warriors took it upon their shoulders to protect the dignity of their motherland when multiple kings across the region sided with the Britishers. Today, these women have become symbols of unparalleled strength and courage, martyring their lives for the nation.

Mission Shakti in UP inspired by stories of such female warriors

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With the setting up of new battalions, the safety and security of women will stand upgraded. In this direction, the Mission Shakti program launched by the state government has already witnessed the execution of a list of initiatives for women empowerment. It is the stories of such fierce women from the past that inspired the state government to implement this innovative scheme.

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