5 popular street foods in Kanpur, perfect to warm your soul during the winter season

5 popular street foods in Kanpur, perfect to warm your soul during the winter season

As they say, good food warms the heart, so here’s a little something to make your heart warm and fuzzy.

While one must credit Robin Hood Pandey, Jagdishwar Mishra, and Raja Awasthi for introducing Bollywood to Kanpur’s bhaukaal. One thing about Kanpur that must be discovered at any cost, is the finger-licking food that the city has to offer.

Local food tells a lot about a place, and the flavoursome street food of Kanpur will spill the beans for you. From the city's famous Kadhai wala doodh to Badnaam Kulfi, here are five famous Kanpur street foods that will warm your hearts in 9°.

Kadhai wala doodh at Pahalwan Ji

The key to winter happiness is all about piping-hot, luscious and dry-fruits infused Kadhai wala doodh. Milk is simmered on low flame for long hours while being constantly stirred, to attain its condensed texture. It is served hot in earthen pots or kulhad. Head over to Pahalwan Ji in Kanpur, for a glass of delicious and frothy kadhai doodh.

Kulfi at Badnaam Kulfi

Eating kulfi in summers can be a race against the sun, but winters is where you try your luck, to prolong the present-tense bliss of every bite. From being a street-side quick grab to having outlets specially dedicated to it, kulfi has come a long way. In case you're a kulfi-holic like us, nothing comes close to this frozen delight.

If you're in Kanpur and wondering where to feed your sweet tooth, head over to the famous Thaggu ke laddoo and ask for Badnaam kulfi! Nutty, chilled and creamy, this kulfi is whipped and served in a bowl, unlike the usual frozen kulfi stick. It also has a rabdi like texture to it, which ensures you get the best of both worlds.

Roasted aaloo on bhatti in Kanpuriya stalls

Smoked potatoes are anything but the usual. Kanpuri roasted aaloos are slow cooked on bhatti after being coated in herb and spices. Their thin skins can easily absorb the flavours. The potatoes have a rich and creamy taste and texture that works as a nice contrast to the crispy, smoky skin after being roasted.

You will find Kanpurites relishing the steaming potatoes at every nook and corner of the city, as the dish continues to be the local’s favourite in winters. So just pick a stall, and eat away!

Samosas at Pappu samose wale

Samosas is that one ex for us Indians, that you've broken up with multiple times, citing diet, the classic ‘I’m bored of you’ and the fact that no one can eat just one! Well, Pappu Samosas on Birhana Road, is the gym that has transformed your ex, internally and physically!

They have colour-coded samosas, with the fillings of noodles, momos, aaloo among others! It's not hard to see why Pappu Samosas is quickly becoming the baap of netizens' favourite crazy food fusions!

Makkhan Malaai at Shukla Makkhan Bandhaar

Remember how Bollywood portrays love? Violins playing in the background, while the world around you moves in slo-mo. Well that is us, when we savour the first bite of Makkhan Malai!

While there are many food specialties to indulge in when the mercury dips, nothing compares to this classic. One bite of this creamy, rich, silky texture delicacy and you will know what love feels like. While in Kanpur, you can head over to Shukla Makkhan Bandhar for this melt-in-the-mouth North Indian dessert.

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