7 spots in Kanpur that will let you beat the heat and have unlimited fun!

7 spots in Kanpur that will let you beat the heat and have unlimited fun!

The month is only May, but the heat is killing us already. With the scorching sun beating down upon the city of Kanpur, there seems to be no relief from the blistering heat. You may have an occasional iced tea that will do the trick for you but that’s only for a while and soon, you’ll be pining for an air conditioned room. If you’re looking to take on the heat and have some fun, here are the 7 best places in Kanpur that you should this summer. Note: Some of the places are located a couple of hours from the main city, so it would be best to make a complete trip out of it.

Blue World Water Park

Probably one of the best and most well known water parks in and around Kanpur, Blue World is the place to be at this summer. Regarded as the biggest water park in Uttar Pradesh, it is certainly a must visit for people of all ages. Here, there are over 30 exciting rides that you can choose from. They have dry rides, water based rides, water slides, a 9D theatre, a dinosaur villa and even a massive light and fountain show- you name it, they have it. In fact, there’s also a food court since you’re gonna be starving from all the activity and what not.

Sports Village

Chilled water, massive pools, slides and rides make this the perfect place to spend a gala time with friends. Each of the rides here are unique and full of fun, meaning that there’s never a dull moment here. Top that off with the fact that it is close to the city, you don’t even need to spend much time in the commute. This is perhaps the reason that this water park is the most famous one in Kanpur.

Jungle Water Park

The water park lives to its name as it has something wild for everyone. Here, the entire park is jungle themed, which makes it much more than your ordinary water- park. There are rides specially for kids, adults and even the whole family. Add to that the fact that the rides are completely new and different, you have to pay a visit. Since it is a little far from the city, it would be great if you make weekend trip with the family.

Mowgli Water Park

Located on the Lucknow-Kanpur route, the park is spread across a area of 11 acres, making for lush and green landscapes across the place. This park takes water parks to the next level as here there is an artificially created lake that lets you take boating rides and you can even indulge in some paddle boating. The best part is that the rides here are very economical and give the experience a completely different aura.

Moti Jheel

For a relaxing summer getaway from the city, within the city, head to Moti Jheel, also known as Kargil Park. The place is lush with greenery and loads of flora, which makes it the perfect place to spend the summer mornings and evenings. There’s always a steady cool breeze here, which makes for a rather great outing. The best part is there is a man made lake that surrounds the memorial as well as the walking path, which adds to the cool breeze.

Ganga Barrage

If you’re looking to spend a peaceful time, immersed in either conversation or thoughts, then Ganga Barrage is where you have to be. The place is calm, quiet and has a charm of its own. Here, you can witness the glory of the mighty ganges and sit along the riverbanks, lost in thought. In fact, you may even catch a few fishermen nearby, lazing around, catching some fish. Though not the ideal place to spend time with family, it is a great place to visit with friends or a loved one.

Phool Bagh

Though there are no massive trees here that will provide you shade and protect you from the scorching heat, there is an abundance of flora here. In her morning, the place is greeted by a pleasant breeze that makes walking around the park a great experience. In fact, even in the evening the place is rather happening and it is a nice place to be at with friends and family. Since there are a number of rare plant species here, it is a nice place to take kids as well.