AAI to soon begin installation of Night Landing Facility at Kanpur's Chakeri Airport

AAI to soon begin installation of Night Landing Facility at Kanpur's Chakeri Airport

Along with the installation of the instrument system, runway 27 will also be extended by 700 metres to facilitate the night landing of flights.

Alongside the new terminal at Kanpur's Chakeri Airport, the Airports Authority of India is also working on the installation of Night Landing Facility (NLF). The airport authorities have also acknowledged the need for the expansion of runway 27 for setting up NLF, that will facilitate smooth landing of flights even at lower visibility.

With the installation of NLF at the Kanpur airport, the aircrafts will be able to spot the central line of the runway from a distance of 17 nautical miles (25 km), facilitating night operations.

Installation work underway at the Kanpur Airport

Ever since the initiation of work on the new terminal on the Chakeri Airport, AAI had plans for the installation of NLF system. Last month, the authority finally began preprarations for installation work of the Instrumental Landing System (ILS) to allow aircraft to land at night and even during rough weather caused by fog or haze.

A visibility index of 2,500 metres is required for the landing of flights. With the installation of ILS, flights will also be able to land at a low visibility index of 1700 metres at the Kanpur Airport.

What are the recent developments?

While the plan to establish the Night Landing Facility is final, authorities are yet to acquire land for the same. The installation work will begin after the completion of the land acquisition procedure which is currently underway.

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