‘Alive- The Eatery’ in Kanpur should be your newest hangout spot

‘Alive- The Eatery’ in Kanpur should be your newest hangout spot


Tired of the same old boring places and looking to try something new? Head to 'Alive- The Eatery' in Kanpur and enjoy everything that is trendy and new in food. Alive is the newest addition to the casual dining scene of Kanpur and you must give the restaurant a visit soon.

Though the interiors at Alive are quite simple, the vibe here is chic and trendy. The place is adorned with pretty heart shaped light fixtures which raise the cuteness quotient of the decor. The place also has some unique seating where the seat are your swings, so that you can enjoy a rush of nostalgia before indulging in all the food. We are also a fan of the modish looking wall with coffee cups which spew out dim light, quite original we say!

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While, the ambience will brighten your mood the menu will make you drool with all that it has to offer. At Alive, you can enjoy Chinese, North Indian, Continental and South Indian as well as a plethora of other cuisines.

The food here is pretty tasty and the options will make your head spin. So here are some suggestions that you can try when you give ‘Alive’ a visit: Spider Paneer with an unique coating, Honey Chilli Potato with a tangy sauce and the creamy White Sauce pasta that is full of veggies.

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Although, the restaurant is purely vegetarian the food preparations are good enough to satisfy your meat craving palate. And if your order the Malai Soya Chaap, you won't have to worry about that either.

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We give this place a brownie point for having separate seating for sheesha smokers and family dining. Making the place, a go-to for those who want to hang with the gang over a flavoured sheesha as well as those, who just want to spend a chill time with family.

The place is pretty reasonable with its price so you won’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket.

Although, Alive-The Eatery offers a lot, we would suggest they increase their portion size. You should surely visit the place if you're in the area or looking for a reasonable yet chill hangout spot.

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