All you need to know about IIT Kanpur's futuristic medical school

All you need to know about IIT Kanpur's futuristic medical school

The Gangwal School of Medical Sciences and Technology aims at revolutionising MedTech innovation, health-care delivery & medical research.

The state-of-the-art Gangwal School of Medical Sciences and Technology and Yadupati Singhania Super Specialty Hospital were recently introduced at a dedicated evening by IIT Kanpur. Transforming into a healthcare hub and aimed at producing an advanced generation of medical professionals, this IITK's futuristic school was soft launched on March 15.

The event saw the presence of top industry leaders and eminent dignitaries from the UP Government. It revolved around conversations about the school's vision, its objectives and noteworthy achievements.

The dedicated evening also aimed at fostering partnerships between IIT Kanpur and stakeholders of numerous industries.

Of research, innovation & entrepreneurship: Gangwal School of Medical Sciences and Technology

Bolstering its MedTech innovation further, IIT Kanpur's much anticipated medical school aims at revolutionising health-care delivery and medical research in the country.

The Gangwal School, centred around research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, comprises of three major components:

-Hospital complex: A 500+ bedded Yadupati Singhania Super-speciality hospital with a Cancer Care and Research Center (equipped with more than 50 beds). The objective is to proffer affordable treatment in various fields like cardiology, cardiac surgery, oncology, endocrinology, neurology, neurosurgery, among others.

-For MedTech innovation, R&D Centers of Excellence (CoE) have been established under a strong faculty. CoEs plan to encourage students to convert their ideas into products and start-ups, thus, producing technological solutions to varied healthcare needs.

-Academics: Super-speciality postgraduate medical programmes will be offered to students. These will include DM and MCh programmes, along with trans disciplinary research programmes (MS and PhD) in engineering, science, and medicine interface domains.

In February, the UP Govt also gave impetus to the initiative with a funding worth ₹10 crore.

All you need to know about IIT Kanpur's futuristic medical school
IIT Kanpur to receive ₹10 cr govt funding for establishing MedTech School, Super Specialty Hospital

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