Awesome places where you can grab a hot cup of kadak chai in Kanpur!

Awesome places where you can grab a hot cup of kadak chai in Kanpur!

Head on down to one of these places for a good pick-me-up at anytime throughout the day!

There's nothing quite like a fresh cup of tea to give you that kick just when you need it! Early in the mornings, when tired, or when chatting with friends - it's the perfect beverage to indulge in at just about any given time. Served in every nook and cranny of this bustling city of ours, including the many cafes and restaurants dotting Kanpur, here are some of the best places to linger over a cup of chai!

Badnaam Tea Stall  

Badnaam for all the right reasons, it is one of the best crowd pullers in Kanpur! Considered a scrumptious desi breakfast and snack point, it is the perfect spot for you to take a break from your stressful academics or hectic work life! A student’s fav spot, and we know must be yours too!

Banarasi Tea Stall

Serving up immaculate bun makkhan and chai, head here for the perfect start to the perfect day! People mostly visit this authentic Kanpuriya style shop to have snacks with their friends or a quick refresher in between the day! Always packed with fans of their aadrak-elaichi chai, this place is a must try!

Chai Pani Restaurant 

Near IIT‘s back gate, this place has something for everyone. From a plethora of tea flavours to choose from, to scrumptious snacks to enjoy along with your evening stroll, we can guess why this place will soon become your fav! Orders from here can also be placed through online applications, and delivered at your doorstep!

Chai Sutta Bar 

Offering different flavours of chai, it is a highly frequented spot by the youngsters. From irresistible snacks, to an innovate menu, they have something for all age groups. Outlets all over the city to help you through that tea-craving, and Chai Sutta Bar definitely gets a thumbs up!

MBA Chai wala 

Talking about chai, how can we forget this extremely famous chain with almost 100+ outlets in India, and Kanpur is one of them. Their garam chai ki piyali has become a household name and how! From sandwiches, to pizzas to garlic bread, they have everything to make you want to come for more!


A perfect evening place to enjoy some delicious snack with your family and friends. They possess the recipe for a perfect chai and have truly made Bun Makkhan a fun affair. From butter maggie to cheesy vada-pav, this place is a must for all, no matter what your tastebuds approve of!

Social Chai

Ever heard of Pan-Chai? No? Well, this place has it! It's many varieties are why you can often find students loitering about. Apart from their quirky options, they also have super economical mini combos to help you save on that special date. So don't forget to add it in your list for a steaming tea-time.

Knock Knock

So, with this list in hand, you're well equipped to take on the chai spots in town! If you're ever feeling down, and need a hot cup of chai to pick you up, these are some go to spots that should always be on your radar!

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