An inspiration to many, Kanpur's 'Bezubaan' fosters strays & voices their stories!

An inspiration to many, Kanpur's 'Bezubaan' fosters strays & voices their stories!

Know about the unheard story of Vivek Tiwari, the owner of the NGO, Bezubaan.

The World Humanitarian Day falls on August 19th, every year, to commemorate the work of all extraordinary humans who have dedicated their lives to support various causes for the betterment of mankind. So on this special day, we are gripped by an equally interesting tale of an animal lover, Vivek Tiwari, who has been running an NGO for the past 9 years now.

'Bezubaan' is home to around 40 strays, who cannot fend for themselves even after being treated and you've to read on to know more about this noble initiative that has changed the lives of many over its course!

Vivek's journey from being an engineering graduate to a practising 'home vet'

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During his college days, Vivek had once found a stray dog, living outside his house. He fed the dog and took care of him for years, till a car ran over it, crushing its legs and leaving it with a permanent disability. Being a student, he did not have the funds to get medical treatment for the poor dog so he researched and started treating it on his own.

Unfortunately, even after plenty of efforts, the dog couldn't get better, and eventually, Tiwari had to take him to a nearby vet. On reaching there, he realized the insufferable pain the stray was bearing, without being able to express it, which birthed the idea of 'Bezubaan'.

It was on this day, he decided to dedicate his life to take care of those who are powerless and in need of help, just like the stray animals around. The list of the creatures include dogs, pigs, cats, cows and so on but isn't limited to it. According to Vivek, he had encountered many incidences where animals were not taken care of properly by the local clinics, which made him a practising 'home vet' and the rest is history.

40 furry members who have separate bunkers & a safe space

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Even after being an engineering graduate from Lucknow's College of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Vivek decided to pursue his humanitarian side by dedicating his life to provide shelter to the vulnerable. In a conversation with Knocksense, he mentioned that he lives with his parents and about 40 furry members, who have separate bunkers and a safe space.

Currently, he treats the strays himself but in case of any major surgery, local ex-military vet, Dr. Kesarwani, looks after the procedures at a minimal cost. Further, with the support of his parents, a fellow colleague and a few part-time members, Vivek runs a KPO named 'Vivid Communications', to raise funds in order to support 'Bezubaan'.

Knock Knock

Vivek single-handedly bears the cost of running the NGO, which comes up to over 1 lakh per month, to provide appropriate fodder, shelter, medical treatment and so on, to the 'Bezubaan' residents. Additionally, Vivek also medically treats the specially-abled humans on the streets, who have been found injured due to whatsoever reasons.

Keeping the spirit of the day alive, we urge you to be a part of this extraordinary persons' journey in supporting those who cannot fend for themselves. This article is a tribute to the remarkable work of Vivek Tiwari, who hardly takes any day off for himself, to fulfil his humanitarian duties. If the story of this man has touched your heart, feel free to volunteer or contribute in any way possible, to aid his selfless acts.

Address: H. No. 15/3, Azad Nagar, Near Nawabganj Vishnupuri Colony, Kanpur 208002

Contact: 7388276844

-With inputs from Ekta Srivastava

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