Catch the sunset in Kanpur at these mind-blowing locations with immense aesthetic appeal

Catch the sunset in Kanpur at these mind-blowing locations with immense aesthetic appeal

As you bask in the setting sun, be sure to make some soul-stirring memories that last you a lifetime.

Dedicated to industrialism, Kanpur is a beautiful city with scenic views, and its people look forward to enjoy a serene sun set after a long day of work. Overlooking the skyline, with cool wind blowing through your hair, the clouds forming a creamy canopy above, and the parting sun lining the sky in yellow-orange, only to be greeted the next day with equal flair, sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

So, here we are with a list of spots in Kanpur were you can witness sunsets and definitely must-visit with your better half.

Landmark Towers

This is one of the city’s most visited tourist spots for its breathtaking view. Landmark Tower also offers visitors excellent service in terms of both food and ambience. Along with all of that, they also promise a great view of the sunset by the pool side ideal for catching a drink over the setting sun.

Shobhan Mandir

Well, this is another way how you can best watch the sunset in Kanpur. Visit Shobhan Mandir, located around 25km from the IIT Kanpur on a serene route for picturesque and quaint view of the sunset. Also, you can indulge your spiritual side too, with a visit to the temple!

Jajmau Hills 

Well, if you wish to experience the natural beauty of Kanpur in all its glory, then head to this spot. Surrounded by a magnificent sunset gracing the backdrop, all visitors must take an adventurous ride to the Jajmau Hills to watch the sun set in true splendor.

Ganga Barrage

Ever wondered what stopping at Kanpur’s famous Ganga Barrage looking at a sunset might feel like? Located right above the river and providing exquisite vistas reaching here seems like reaching the end of land– imagine witnessing a sunset from such a place? Amazing, that’s how it feels!

IIT Kanpur's lesser known scenic views


A popular student spot, IIT Kanpur is that one place which will give you ‘Rang De Basanti’ feels! Watch the airplanes dip low and then high above as they make perfect silhouettes with the setting sun in the backdrop. Pack some lunch and head over with your gang and you’ll surely have an experience of a lifetime!

So if you plan to make some mind-boggling and soul-stirring memories with lots of aesthetic appeal, head to these places and catch a sunset, LIVE!

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