In a first, Class 10 graduates can take admission in certificate courses by Kanpur's CSJMU

In a first, Class 10 graduates can take admission in certificate courses by Kanpur's CSJMU

Students who will complete these courses will be eligible for the two-year diplomas offered by CSJMU.

In a first in the city, Kanpur's Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University is introducing certificate courses that can be taken up right after class 10. These courses are being introduced by the University's Fine Arts Department in the field of Textile Design and Applied Arts, among others. Further, the course structure has been designed in a manner that will enhance the prospects of graduates in the job market.

Applications for certificate courses to open soon

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10 seats each have been allocated for Painting, Textile Design, Art, Applied Arts, Sculpture and similar courses which will soon be floated by CSJMU's Institute of Fine Arts. Further, certificate courses in Photography, Graphic Design, 3D Animation and 3D Modelling will also be introduced with 15 seats available in each of the specified fields.

It has also been reported that students who will successfully complete these courses, will be eligible for direct admission for the two-year diplomas offered by CSJMU. Admissions to these certificate courses shall commence from this academic year itself and application forms will soon be available on the university's official website. If the applicant pool is huge, then a test will be conducted to make the final selection list.

An endeavour to increase employability

These one-year-long courses are being introduced with an aim to provide training and education in the field of art to students, right after they pass their Class 10 examinations. Apart from giving the students an experience of university life, these courses shall help pupils in arming themselves with up-to-date knowledge in respective fields which will, in turn, increase their employability.

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