Certified chai-lovers assemble! Samocha in Kanpur is brewing kadak chai & more!

Certified chai-lovers assemble! Samocha in Kanpur is brewing kadak chai & more!

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If there's one thing that acts as the perfect starter, catalyst or concluder to any conversation, it is the crowd's favourite chai! Yes, we are talking about the quintessential hug of a simmering cup of well-brewed tea, with just the right amount of ginger and cardamom, a concoction quite skillfully mastered by Samocha in Kanpur.

What once started as a single outlet in Swaroop Nagar in 2017, Samocha now boasts of more than 10 outlets across the country including 5 in Kanpur, alone! So no matter what part of the city you live in, there's always a Samocha near you ready to become the star of your next gup-shup sesh with friends!

What's the vibe?

Just like the deadly samosa-chai combo that is loved by people of all age groups, Samocha in Kanpur has also been a crowd favourite ever since its inception. Whether you are a professional who needs a spot for a meeting, a group of friends who just wish to rewind after a hectic college day or someone who's looking for a safe spot for a late night stroll with family, this place is suitable for any and every occasion.

The vibrant colour scheme at every Samocha outlet in the city offers a cosy yet energetic vibe that is sure to pull you in! And to top it all, the chill feels at this chai station offer the perfect backdrop as you share the 'tea' with your buddies!

If you're a bookworm like us, guess what? You can enjoy reading a few books as you take on that chai ki chuski and enjoy the evening to yourself!

For the tastebuds! 

Before you go ahead and order the usual, listen up: With more than 100 dishes and drinks options available at Samocha, you're gonna be left spoilt for choices.

From a Kadak Masala Tea to White Tea, Oolong Tea coolers and shakes; From the classic bun-makkhan to burgers, fries, Maggi, pasta, wraps and more, you name it and they have it! Also, for the caffeine addicts, there are coffee options available here as well!

For the fans of Nutella, they also have a bun-makkhan loaded with the chocolaty hazelnut spread, so if that's your calling, there's no judgment here! Just make sure you eat to your heart's content without worrying about the bills, for this place is pretty easy on your wallet too!

Knock Knock

To make stories around chai even more interesting, unlock some uber-cool offers available only on the KnockOFF mobile app and enjoy a fan'tea'stic time at Samocha! If you are not a Knocksense member yet, just download the app at Samocha and get a FREE Silver Membership!

P.S. There's a new outlet coming up at IIT Kanpur Metro Station in July! So before that Samocha opens its door, make sure you check out the other 5 outlets in Kanpur!

Location: Swaroop Nagar; Kalyanpur; Saket Nagar; Keshavpuram; Shyam Nagar

Contact: 7411481716, 8505995798

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