Chung Fa is where you need to be for authentic Chinese fare in Kanpur

Chung Fa is where you need to be for authentic Chinese fare in Kanpur


No matter how many food options we discover and how many cuisines we come across, nothing will ever make more of an impression on our hearts than Chinese food has. Chinese food is the pen-ultimate comfort food out there. It is spicy, it is light, it is familiar and it makes our bellies happy. Give us a nicely done kung pao chicken and a bowl of egg fried rice and you'll have our heart.

When it comes to Chinese food in Kanpur, there are many in the city that have taken the cake and pleased us. Yet, none of them can even come close to what Chung Fa has done for Chinese food in the city.

Salt, Acid, Heat & a pinch of MSG

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Chinese food has some of the most simple and yet most complicated foods and dishes out there. From stir fried veggies to delicious crunchy wontons and soups full of umami, the cuisine is as versatile as it is delicious. Chung Fa is that one place which has done justice to the cuisine and everything it stands for, the food served here is as Chinese as Indian palates can appreciate.

The restaurant has a traditional setting, with an elegant floor-plan and classic decor. While the restaurant is unassuming and yet quite well put together, food becomes the real show stopper here.

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Food is the most important thing about any place and it is 'the' thing that separates Chung Fa from other Chinese/Asian places in the city. The food served here, is easily some of the most scrumptious, comforting and delectable you'll find in the city.

Anything you order here will only end up surprising you and there's no way you won't find most of these to be exceptionally delicious. We especially love the fact that food here is straight-forward and un-pretentious as can be. No fluff, no dressing, simple dishes with good sized portions and a taste that stays with you for some time.

Do try the deep fried wontons, the sui mui dumplings, Hong Kong Chicken, Singapore Noodles, American Chopsuey and the Nasi Goreng here, which are all crowd favourites.

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Knock Knock

So when the cravings hit you bad and all you can think of is ordering a nice warm bowl of chilli garlic chicken or a simple stir fried noodle dish, this is where you need to be.

Chung Fa is an un pretentious place, so even when it comes to great Chinese food at reasonable prices, this place won't disappoint.

Location: 94-B, Mall Road Chauraha, Mall Road, Kanpur

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