First of its kind, Dept of Cognitive Science at IIT Kanpur​ will open a new realm of careers

First of its kind, Dept of Cognitive Science at IIT Kanpur​ will open a new realm of careers

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur becomes the first IIT to have a fully fledged department dedicated to Cognitive Science.

With the launch of a new department of Cognitive Science, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has emerged as a pioneer among other IITs to have a department dedicated to the cognitive study of the complexity of perception and processes of the human mind. This department aims to culture futuristic technology by understanding, mirroring and adapting human cognitive (related to the brain) behaviours.

The department will open a new realm of careers for its students by converging knowledge from multiple disciplines, such as artificial intelligence, business, data analysis, government intelligence, healthcare, human performance, information processing, law, marketing, product design and software design.

Tradition meets Future at IIT Kanpur

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With its first venture dating back to June 1, 2017, IIT Kanpur has come a long way from establishing an interdisciplinary program (IDP) to creating a dedicated department to prep its students to step into a future, full of possibilities and opportunities. Soon after, in 2019 a team of Cognitive Science experts as part of the National Advisory Committee visited the IIT Kanpur campus. The team had recommended the formation of a Cognitive Science department.

On December 7, 2020, the board of governors approved the proposal to start the news new department convinced by the institute's claim which believes that the development of this department as an amalgamating point for mapping the traditional Indian knowledge and understanding of the human mind with futuristic technology.

The Director of IIT Kanpur has reportedly stated that this venture of establishing a dedicated department to the cognitive science will give promote both, research and teaching programs at IIT Kanpur. This newly launched department will bridge the gap of cognitive studies in India and the world, helping the country to establish an identity as a world leader in the field of cognitive science. The department will study the working of the human mind and mechanisms in the brain involved in mental processes and interface with departments like BSBE on neuroscience-related areas. Working in tandem with the Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering, this discipline will assist to develop new and improved artificially intelligent and machine-learning interfaces.

The Benefits of Cognitive Science

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The study of Cognitive Sciences takes one through several fields that include anthropology, engineering, computer science, linguistics, medicine, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, sociology and others to offer multi-faceted explanations of individual and social behaviour.

Its theories can be applied to understand and develop several brain conditioning methods, including techniques of effective learning, remediation for mental-disorders and development of better user interfaces to be utilized by software companies.

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