New outer ring road in Kanpur
New outer ring road in KanpurNHAI

Construction of outer ring road project in Kanpur to begin soon

The outer ring road in Kanpur will be built in five phases, land acquisition to be cleared in a few days

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has decided to construct a new 92-km-long outer ring road in Kanpur in order to control the city’s traffic. The construction will be done in five phases, in which the first phase will have a 22.5 km stretch constructed from Mandhana to Sachendi. The second phase will be from Sachendi to Ramaipur, the third will be from Ramaipur to Ruma, fourth from Ruma to Atta, and then fifth phase will be from Atta to Mandhana.

The outer ring road is being built beside the Kanpur-Lucknow Expressway in order to connect Jhansi-Etawah Highway and GT Road to this Expressway. The approx budget of this project is Rs. 5100 crores.

How will this ring road benefit the people?

Map of new outer ring road in Kanpur
Map of new outer ring road in KanpurNHAI

After the formation of this ring road, Aligarh-Kanpur Highway (NH-34), Kanpur-Etawah Highway (NH-19), Kanpur-Lucknow Highway (NH-27), and Kanpur-Satna Highway (NH-86) will be interconnected. The 22.5 km outer ring road between Mandhana to Sachendi will have six lanes.

As soon as the NHAI is given the specifics of the land, the land acquisition for the ring road construction area will be completed. The report will be prepared and sent to NHAI in 15-20 days. The verification of land in 14 communities is ongoing, according to the ADM Land and Authority.

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