Curfew relaxed in Kanpur & other UP districts, barring 20 highly infected cities including Lucknow

Curfew relaxed in Kanpur & other UP districts, barring 20 highly infected cities including Lucknow

Here's what has changed in Lucknow & other UP districts-

In an order issued by the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh, the state has announced curfew relaxations across all districts nursing less than 600 active cases, from June 1. As per reports, all markets and shops outside containment zones in such regions will be permitted to operate from 7 AM to 7 PM for 5 days a week. However, the curfew will remain in order for the next 12 hours i.e., from 7 PM to 7 AM and during the weekends.

These eased guidelines will benefit 55 districts including Kanpur Nagar, read reports. Meanwhile, the state has emphasised that no relaxations will be offered in Lucknow, Meerut and 18 other districts as well, due to their high active caseload.

The restrictions and relaxations of COVID curfew in UP

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Districts such as Kanpur, which have a manageable active case graph will enjoy the relaxations in the state's curfew order. All shops, markets vegetable mandis, industries and other services will be relaxed 5 days, from 7 AM to & PM, with strict compliance to COVID protocols. Full attendance at COVID frontline government departments has been permitted, while other public offices will be allowed to function at 50% potential. Similarly, private offices can also open with the mask imperative and limited attendance.

At the same time, restaurants will be allowed to offer home delivery but roadside eateries on the highway can open. Shops selling poultry shops and fish shops in closed spaces will also be relaxed. The order states that sales in open areas will be strictly prohibited. Special care will be exercised to ensure adequate hygiene and sanitisation. Purchasing centres and ration shops will open all across the state.

On the other hand, schools, colleges and other educational institutions will remain closed for teaching work, across the state. Shopping malls, gyms cinema halls and swimming pools will remain shut, the order detailed.

COVID curfews may be reimposed due to case uptick

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The state has announced that it will immediately reinforce curfew guideline in any district that reports over 600 active cases. All restrictions will be implemented here to break the chain of the virus. Similarly. if any of the locked 20 districts, namely Lucknow, Meerut, Saharanpur, Varanasi, Ghaziabad, Gorakhpur, Muzaffarnagar, Bareilly, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Bulandshahr, Jhansi, Prayagraj, Lakhimpur Kheri, Jaunpur, Sonbhadra, Baghpat, Moradabad, Ghazipur, Bijnor, and Deoria log in less than this limit (less than 600 active cases), relaxations will be awarded here as well.

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