Dudhwa: A jungle safari near Kanpur, ought to be a must-visit this year

Dudhwa: A jungle safari near Kanpur, ought to be a must-visit this year

Dudhwa National Park is a tiger reserve in the Terai belt of marshy grasslands in Lakhimpur Kheri District.

Mountains and beaches are everyone's go-to place these days, but have you considered a Jungle Safari? It can be a uniquely different experience altogether, and turn out to be a new adventure for you. Safari is all about discovering uncharted paths through splendid natural horizons.

Dhudhwa National Park is known for its amazing and scenic views. Not only this, but tigers and rhinos are one of Dudhwa National Park's main attractions. Since this is a place near Kanpur, just a short hours' drive away, it is ideal for catching a break from the constant hustle-bustle of city life.

Dudhwa is home to many species!

A trip to Dudhwa National Park means signing up for a range of exciting outdoor activities, hikes, sightseeing and more. In fact, if you're an ardent nature enthusiast, this is a great way to discover unmapped trails.

The park is spread in an area of 1,270 km². According to a survey conducted in 2021, there are 107 tigers, and it happens to be the natural habitat of the Bengal tigers. According to another survey conducted in December 2022, 40 rhinos are estimated to be in Dudhwa National Park. Apart from these, other rare species also.

Jungle Safari, elephant rides, bonfires in winter, and many more fun activities are carried out for the tourists. As a result of its abundance of bird species and subspecies, the area attracts visitors from all age groups, geographical areas, and cultural backgrounds. The Best time to visit Dudhwa is winter, that is between November to June.

A little history now

In 1979, Dudhwa was designated as a tiger reserve. The area was established in 1958 as a swamp deer wildlife sanctuary. In January 1977, the area was designated as a national park, thanks to the efforts of Billy Arjan Singh, who was a hunter, that turned into a conservationist and played a very big role in re-introducing the big cats. The park was designated a tiger reserve in 1987 and became part of the 'Project Tiger'.

So, if you're looking for a place near Kanpur, where you can head to catch a break from everyday life, the serene Dudhwa is a must visit if you're a nature lover.

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