Electrifying the streets of Kanpur, 150 new e-buses allotted for the city

Electrifying the streets of Kanpur, 150 new e-buses allotted for the city

KCTSL is presently working for developing charging stations for the buses while the new e-buses will run on the streets from Jan 2024.

The central and UP state government has continuously been working to introduce electric buses in various districts of the state. Now, the city of Kanpur has received as many as 150 new electric buses which will be added to their city bus fleet by January.

Furthermore, the Kanpur City Transport Service Limited (KCTSL) has made the decision to establish a new depot for charging these new buses between Bithoor and Mandhana in New Kanpur City.

Prelimnary work initiated for development of charging stations for e-buses

Although the buses have been allotted for the city, presently, the work for the establishment of charging stations needs to be done for the operation of the buses.

KCTSL's project for establishing these stations will necessitate approximately 3 acres of land. The process for the acquisition of this land in the earmarked area will be initiated through the district administration in collaboration with the local village society.

E-buses to be will be available for the commuters in every 3 minutes

Amar Ujala
Amar Ujala

The introduction of these new buses will expand KCTSL's fleet in the city to a total of 250 e-buses. Presently, there are 100 buses in operation, serving key routes connecting Sanjeevanagar with IIT, Bithoor, Jajmau, as well as Ghantampur, Raniya, Unnao and Bindki.

Currently, commuters can expect to catch another bus in about 10 minutes. However, with the expansion of the fleet, buses will be available every 3 minutes.

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