'Emergency Smart Call Boxes' installed at 32 locations in Kanpur to enhance public security

'Emergency Smart Call Boxes' installed at 32 locations in Kanpur to enhance public security

Now you can reach out to Kanpur Police for immediate emergency assistance, even without mobile phones

Do you know that now you can reach out to Kanpur Police in case of emergencies even without a mobile phone? Easing communication between the public and police while strengthening the pillar of civic security, the Kanpur Smart City Project has installed high-technology emergency smart call boxes at 32 intersections. Reportedly, the devices are linked to the Kanpur Police Commissionerate Control room, to relay immediate emergency assistance to the people 24x7.

Emergecny & panic buttons for police assistance:  

While all district police departments in Uttar Pradesh are integrated with the umbrella emergency helpline UP 112, a person caught in an adversity normally would require a telecom interface like mobile phones or PCOs to reach out for help. However, it has been recognised that in most such cases, people are stranded without their mobile phones.

The new initiative recognises this broken link and creates an integrated system to connect public and police, through smart call boxes. These devices work as digital help-desks, fitted with a hi-tech camera, speaker and mic. People who need police assistance or security can simply initiate an interaction by pressing the emergency button.

With this, an alert will be generated at the control room of Kanpur Police Commissionerate and a Public Relations Officer here will be able to start a video call with the person.

In addition to this, the call boxes also feature a panic button, which can be used to activate immediate security and help. Designed especially for women and girls, the panic button is a big-step towards bolstering women security and a crackdown on crimes against women. This feature can be used by any person in need, officials said.

The Emergency Smart Call Boxes are live at these 32 locations:

Ghantaghar Square, Gaushala Second Square, Bagiya Crossing, IT Gate Tiraha, Rocket Tiraha, Bakerganj Square, Bagahi Chowk Tiraha, Gopala Tiraha, Fire Service (Fazalganj) Tiraha, Bhatia Tiraha, Lenin Park Square, Sangeet Talkies Tiraha, Chandrika Devi Temple Square, Bansmandi Square, Pirod Tiraha, Rambagh Square, Ashok Nagar Square, Swaroop Nagar Square, Rajiv Petrol Pump Square, Sales Tax Square.

Mainavati Marg Tiraha, Singhpur Turn, Silverton Tiraha, Kabadi Square, Nahariya Square, MG College Square, IMA Tiraha, Hanuman Mandir/Trimurti Mandir Turn Square, Sainik Square, Pashupati Nagar Square, Macharli Gate Tiraha, Keshav Nagar Square, Gaushala First Square, Military Camp Square, Khowa Mandi Tiraha, DBS Tiraha, Nandlal Square, CTI Tiraha.

Janta Nagar Tiraha, Four Pillar Square, MIG Tiraha, Shanidev Mandir Tiraha, Salt Factory Square, Vijay Nagar Fruit Market Square, Shastri Nagar Galla Mandi Square, Neerjhir Square and Pandunagar Square.

If the project proves beneficial, functional and feasible, it will be scaled in all parts of the Kanpur city and other districts, officials added.

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