Even die hard Kanpurites will not know these 5 facts about the Manchester of East

Even die hard Kanpurites will not know these 5 facts about the Manchester of East


Residents of Kanpur are quite touchy when it comes to their precious home town. For many, home towns are a place that never let you down, a place you know from the inside out. However, there are still many aspects of the town that are easy to miss out, most of them related to the history and the culture of the city. Today, we bring to you 5 of the lesser known facts about Kanpur that will bring the city closer to your heart.

The name has been changed over 20 times

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The name ‘Kanpur’ seems to be sticking around but actually, the name has been changed over 21 times. With different spellings, variations, pronunciations and what not, the spelling of the name underwent major changes. When India was ruled by the British, the spelling was changed to better suit their accents and was later changed to what it is now.

It has the second oldest 9 hole golf course in India

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There’s no denying that Golf is something of an elitist game. Only the rich and the powerful indulge in it and what does that say about Kanpur? Well, the city is home to India’s second oldest half golf course with 9 holes. Even today, it is well preserved and is an important part of Kanpur’s past.

It is home to one of the oldest natural zoos in India

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This is one that brings a smile to the face and uplifts the heart. Allen Forest Zoo is not just one of the oldest zoos in India, but is also one of the few natural zoo in the country. Here, you can witness the nature in all its glory as there are no cages, and the animals live in their natural habitat.

Kanpur was a vital part of the Ramayana

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You heard it, folks. Kanpur is not just historically important, but mythologically too. It is believed that the ancient town was heavily spoken of in the Ramayana. To back this, many utensils from the era when those texts were written were found while excavating Jajmau Teela.

Kanpur brought the industrial revolution in India

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Often regarded as the leather city of the world, Kanpur also spearheaded India’s foray into the industrial revolution. During the British era, the city was seen as a great place to begin with all these activities and that is why the city is such a fast progressing town even today. This is one fact that we are eternally grateful for.

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