Everything about Kanpur you’ll fall in love with once you visit the city

Everything about Kanpur you’ll fall in love with once you visit the city


Moving to a new city can be an overwhelming thing. No matter which city you're moving to, a new place will always give you jitters and make you question everything around you. When we talk about moving to a city that has been given a bad-rep from such a long time, things seem especially difficult. So if you are someone who is moving to Kanpur or know someone who's coming out here, here's a list of things you need to know.

1. The Slangs

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So before you dare to move out to the city that has been long touted as the industrial hub of North India, it would be prudent to get accustomed to the slangs they use here. The way people of Kanpur have moulded the language for their ease and convenience is commendable. So if you hear someone saying things like 'Bhaukal', 'Kantaap', 'Chaukas' or 'Baklol', don't panic, just read this quora thread to truly understand what you're dealing with.

2. The Food

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People in Kanpur are pretty passionate about food and if you come here you're ought to find streets lined with local vendors selling what-not and believe us, these vendors serve better food than any 5-star rated restaurant. You have to appreciate the street food here, it would be a crime not to. We strongly recommend trying dahi jalebi, kachori, and the famous dahi-mattha bread for breakfast. You should also try the dhaniya aloo, golgappe, badnam kulfi (yes it is a thing!) and the Banarasi chai here.

3. Thaggu ke Laddu

Okay so no matter what you do, do not, I repeat do not say that you don't know or don't like 'Thaggu ke Laddu' to a localite. People of Kanpur take Thaggu and his laddoos very seriously and go give them a try we're sure you'll like them as well. The famous laddoos made with cashews, suji, khoya and a special kind of sweet resin (gond) are a sweet delight. People from around the country who visit Kanpur, sought out these laddoos specifically.

4. The chaotic roads & cheap transport

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We'll have to warn you, roads in Kanpur are not going to be something you'll be truly fond of. The roads in this city are chaotic, winding and full of potholes. No-one here gives a damn about traffic rules and you can easily spot people getting into a fight on the roads, because "rangbaaj hai na ye". Yet, you will find the public transport to be exceptionally cheap. Traveling around the city isn't expensive at all and it is more than probable that the 'Vikram' auto will drop you from one corner of the city to another in less than 50 bucks.

5. The People

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Another thing you need to know about Kanpur, are the people who live in the city. Life is full of hardships for most in the city and you'll find that people here know how to enjoy themselves instead of it all. People here are quite helpful and talkative, so you're likely to be talked to by random strangers. Plus, if you live in the city long enough, people open not just their hearts but their homes to you.

So if you have moved out here or are planning to, just remember to know your slangs and love the food and you'll fit right in. The city is ever-forgiving so whatever your past, wherever you come from, Kanpur embraces everyone with open arms and a wide Ganga shore where you can sit in the evenings and watch the sun go down.

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