First phase of Baba Anandeshwar Mandir Dham Corridor nearly complete

First phase of Baba Anandeshwar Mandir Dham Corridor nearly complete

Average cost for the 1st phase of the corridor is ₹6 crore.

Kanpur, home to the scared river Ganga and the renowned temple Baba Anandeshwar Mandir Dham, is a bustling city with a large population and many tourists. To make the journey of these travellers easier, Kanpur administration is developing the Baba Anandeshwar Mandir Dham Corridor on the lines of Kashi Vishwanath Temple Corridor and the first phase of this project is almost complete.

Elevated passage and a lot more to come up soon 

Connecting river Ganga to the temple, an elevated route will be commissioned for devotees to reach the temple directly for aarti. Further, the aarti site will be constructed on RCC pillars keeping in mind the maximum water level as reported by 2010 flood survey. For convenience of the devotees a special parking stand will also be commissioned and the VIP road will be widened by 40 feet.

Apart from the structural changes, the administration is also initiating a beautification drive along the corridor. As a part of this, encroachment on the passage will be removed and decorative items will be added to make the area look more appealing.

What to expect in the 2nd & 3rd phase!

The second and third phase of the corridor was also outlined earlier this week and will commence soon. In the second phase, an alternate route will be added to reach Anandeshwar Temple Darbar and a selfie point will be added.

Like the Atal Ghat of the barrage, the Ganga Ghat and the aarti site will be beautified. In the third phase, the main road will be beautified and the road from the main gate to the Trishul gate will be repaired.

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