Uttar Pradesh is all set to get its first tribal museum by March 2022!

Uttar Pradesh is all set to get its first tribal museum by March 2022!

The 'Tharu Janjati Museum' will be set up at Imilia Koder village, a Tharu populated area in Balrampur district of Uttar Pradesh.

Boosting the tourism potential of the state, Uttar Pradesh is all set to get its first tribal museum by March 2022. The 'Tharu Janjati Museum' will be set up at Imilia Koder village, a Tharu-populated area in the Balrampur district. According to officials, the museum will be centred around the vibrant and varied culture and lifestyle of the Tharu tribe. Spread over an expanse of 5.5 acres, the museum is under the last phase of its construction.

Museum to highlight Tharu tribe & its evolution

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According to Mr. A.K. Singh, the Director of State Museum and Director In-Charge of State Archaeological Department, the slated facility will have all the information about the Tharu tribe. It would encapsulate a panorama of interesting details, right from their evolution to their life in contemporary times. Additionally, the museum will also shed light on their culture, religion, tradition, lifestyle and social life.

"Tharu tribe is, perhaps, the most advanced tribe in Uttar Pradesh that has evolved with the changing times but are still well connected to their roots. They have kept their traditions and culture intact. Our museum would highlight the same and much more about the people of the Tharu tribe.", said Mr Singh.

A medium to explore the lives of the tribals

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The director informed that the museum will have different sections for different topics and themes. It would bring to light the rare pictures, murals, their history and the story of Tharu evolution. Besides, it would feature their knowledge of medicinal herbs and their fashion, attires and jewelry will also be put to display. In addition to this, a string of other everyday products used by them will also be arrayed.

While appreciating this initiative of the administration, Lakshmi Devi- a Tharu tribal, said, "It is a good step. I believe that efforts should be made to preserve cultures of all such tribes as they are an important part of history,". Lakshmi is the head of Bela Parsua, a Tharu-dominated village in the Lakhimpur Kheri district.

As per a senior construction official, the museum will be ready within a couple of months. Once open to visitors, it would offer a panoramic view into the lives of tribals.

- With inputs from IANS

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