Food & Nightlife in Kanpur

Kanpur has a vibrant and pretty fun gastronomic scene where the streets are mostly abuzz with small food joints and stalls serving delicious food. However, with most of us being stuck at home, working from home or just avoiding social situations, this has truly become a luxury. But a foodie cannot live without good food! Which is why, we have curated a list of fun and unique places where you can order from and have the gloom go away!

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Where to head for the next hangout session with pals, is a most frequently appearing question in our lives. This frequency totally depends on how big a food junkie you are! So for all you folks, who have been struggling with where to head for the next hangout, we have just the place for you- The Yacht Club.

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When in Kanpur, it might be a little difficult for you to come up with a lot of hep and happening places for your date today or tonight but that's where we walk in. We understand that it's a day of love and y'all must be feeling like spoiling bae today, with the finest of all choices available in the city and you want everything to be nothing less than perfect!

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If you're a foodie who lives in Kanpur, you know that the streets of this city have some of the best food options. Local eateries and small joints in the city, serve better food than sophisticated eateries and posh cafes. Hence, Kanpur has been in love with the local shops, the food you can get here and the bustle that comes with it all.

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If you're a foodie living in Kanpur, there are a ton of options for you to check out, indulge in and relish. Kanpur is a haven for anyone who wants good food and if you're looking for something classic, this is where you need to look. With this list you will find the best of Kanpur, the most legendary outlets, everything which was 'viral' even before the term was coined.

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Looking for a good meal without meat in it, is like trying to find a needle in haystack- it is almost impossible and very tiresome. Which is why meat lovers around the world can agree to the fact, good food is equals to a good meat dish! If you're someone who can never have enough of soft, juicy and delicious meat in their life, well we have just the thing for you.

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Sweets are something we all like to indulge in, some maybe more than others. A good dessert can help you sort all your cravings, make your mouth water or simply give you a well earned sugar high. Kanpur today has several great places where you can go to, to find the fix of sugar that you've been craving for.

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In Kanpur, there is no shortage of great food joints, but the new year calls for something special. So, if you're looking for a brunch place that can do away with your party hangovers, then you're in for some luck.

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Often the best food you can find is along the highways, at quiet dhabas where tired travellers come to find recluse. It is here that you find the best of North Indian grub, each curry similar, yet each so distinctly different that you'll be spoilt for choices. Unadulterated, robust flavours that define what food stands for.

If like us, you too are a fan of such flavours and have been looking for the same in Kanpur, fret not you won't have to go looking for a highway and a quiet dhaba. Kukkad at Nukkad is an outlet in Kanpur that serves delicious desi dishes with big Indian flavours and mouth watering taste.

The great outdoors and a touch of highway

Kukkad at Nukkad has kept things pretty simple and unpretentious. The setting is simple bamboo huts, open air garden and small tables surrounded by bamboo chairs.

The simplicity, the greenery and the casual approach is what makes this place exceptional.

If you're tired of the basic cafes and their overpowering decor, Kukkad at Nukkad will serve as a beautiful palate refresher.

Food for the soul

There are places that serve good food and then there are places that serve food so good you want to lick your fingers, the leftover sauce and the plate. Kukkad at Nukkad provides a similar experience.

The quality of food served here is simply unmatched, they use fresh ingredients, whole spices and traditional cooking methods to serve food that is familiar and nostalgic. The flavours on everything are big, which makes most of the food they offer here, simple exceptional.

We love everything tandoori here, from the chicken malai tikka, chicken tangri and murgh barra, to the chicken kali mirch. The fish curry and the mutton gharwala are as good as can be. Pair these with some naan or butter roti and you'll have a meal that is satisfying and unforgettable. they also serve some pretty great paneer tikka, paneer lababdar, dal makhani, and veg chaap curry.

Knock Knock

Kukkad at Nukkad is one of those places that do not play around with food. You will not find an experimental menu or "something new" here, what you will find are traditional recipes, dishes we love and flavours we crave beyond all else.

Location: 112/354, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur

P.S. Though they serve Chinese and other fast food, nothing on the menu can be compared to the desi grub offered here.