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Standing at the Z-Square Mall as the 40th store of this financial year, Kanpur's first Starbucks store is going to be a heavenly solution to all your coffee cravings! So get set going now to get your hands a 'venti cup' of a perfect brew and uplift the delights of a happy day or beat the blues of a sad one.

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Gujiya, karanji, pedakiya- call it what you want but our love for it will always remain the same! We have sincerely waited for a year to wolf down this sugary delight and now that Holi is here, we are impatient for a sugar rush with a mouthful of these flavoursome pockets. So get ready for loud and satisfying burps, for we have catalogued these 7 types of gujiyas that you must binge-eat to calm your sweet tooth, from these sweet houses located across Kanpur.

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Undeniably one of the most popular street grubs in the country is the Indianised version of the Tibetan delicacy we all enjoy- momos! Kanpur is a hub for delicious street food and though this pandemic has kept us away from tasting this delicacy for quite some time, nobody can resist trying these steamed pockets of seasoned mince from the famous Mandal Momos of Kakadeo. So if you're looking to spice up your evening with a quick snack, then we've got the details covered for you!

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You must've driven to dine a number of times but have you been to Drive & Dine? Bringing a unique dining experience in Kanpur, this restaurant provides a medley of luxury and safety for its diners. Housed in the cantonment area of the city, Drive & Dine suits the needs of Kanpurites, who want to enjoy a meal in the comfort of their own cars, without much external contact! So if you too, wish to enjoy a meal without the worries of contamination or just amidst a private affair, head to this restaurant right away.

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Offering a medley of epicurean delights and keeping our palates busy, Kanpur is a food-savvy city like no other. There are umpteen eateries in this city that allow us to move away from the generic food options to shush our cravings and how! From this innumerable lot, we've listed 7 iconic establishments in Kanpur where you can head to enjoy an early morning desi breakfast.
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Vibrantly coloured clothes strewn all over, a myriad of food stalls crammed in every nook and corner, a cacophony of high-pitched bargaining sessions- welcome to Sisamau Bazar, one of the oldest markets in Kanpur. Situated at the heart of the city, this market is the ultimate hub for utensils, fashionable accessories and lip-smacking street food, among other things. If you'd like to go on a budget-friendly retail therapy, then this market is a must-visit for you!

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One of the in-demand specialities sold by Kanpur's Rahul Sweets is Paneer Jalebi, an alternative to the traditional jalebi which has garnered the interest of foodies around and beyond the city. Prepared on low flame to keep its colour and crispness intact, this authentic North-Indian dessert has a separate fan base! So if you want to calm your cravings and treat your sweet tooth with the luscious taste of this delicacy, then we've got the details covered for you.

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Can Valentine's Day really be called a love-fest in the absence of the cream and the cake? Of course not! So if you are a Kanpurite who finds gifting baked goodies as the best way of communicating love, just like us, then we have something right here that will surely warm your heart! The Cawnpore Baking Company with its enrapturing assortment of customized V-Day desserts and hampers, is here to heed to all your sweet cravings in one of the most memorable ways possible.

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Paneer malai, tandoori paneer, cheese, chowmein & chocolate too. Won't you be bewildered and amazed, if you find such options as your Samosas fillings? Well, Pappu Samose Waley in Kanpur is one such eatery that has been packing a variety of delish dishes inside our favourite 'Samosa', making his outlet a very unique one. If you are somebody who is a fan of this Indian Chai-time snack, this shop surely deserves your attention.

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Chilly winter evenings with friends coupled with zesty flavorful chaats- is there a better combination? We think not! A spoonful of this delectable serving, after a monotonous day, can satisfy your soul to the core. Be it an instant outing with friends or a planned one with your family, chaat is surely one of our go-to options whenever we're in the mood to nibble on something. So if you are keen on devouring an array of yummy street-food, read through this list of 5 first-rate chaat spots in Kanpur!

The Chaat

Happen to be a Kanpurite who loves chaats more than any other fast food? Then it is impossible that you haven't come across this joint. Established in the year 1996, this place is synonymous with delish chaat options that can twist your mood for good, in a moment. Loved equally for its dosas as well, this snack shop is located at the Chaat Chauraha in Swaroop Nagar. From aloo tikki and gol gappe to papri chaat and dahi bade, The Chaat will heed to your evening-time munchies in delicious ways!

Brijwasi Chaat Darbaar

Rated high by locals and tourists alike, Brijwasi Chaat Darbaar is located in the Jawahar Nagar area. Offering the choicest varieties of tasty chaats, this snack joint is much appreciated for not just their quality but the quantity of their serving too. Also known for its hygiene practices, this chaat darbaar won't just satiate your hankerings but leave you asking for more!

S D Chaat & Fast Food Corner

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Naveen Market, S D Chaat & Fast Food Corner occupies a special place in the hearts of the shoppers. Serving a wide range of chaats, this joint offers solutions for the little desires of your tummy as much as they are for your heart's hunger too. Highly economical too, this joint with its scrumptious spread attracts a lot of gastronomes from all across the city!

Hanuman Chaat Bhandar

Avouched as one of the oldest food outlets in Kanpur, Hanuman Chaat Bhandar is located in the Model Town region. Swarmed by hordes of foodies in the evening, this eatery is a favorite amongst the locals for its hara aloo and basket chaat options. Kanpurites claim, that they have maintained an unadulterated taste for over a decade now!

Shivam Chaat

Known previously as Janardan Chaat, this establishment serves the most sumptuous chaats in town. With a history of more than 20 years, Shivam Chaat has successfully managed to preserve its presence in the hearts of the locals. Flocked by crowds daily, this chaat shop in Shastri Nagar is a haven for all food buffs like you and us.

Knock Knock

So what are you waiting for?! Chalk out a plan with your friends, pick any of these joints and simply head out for a burst of flavours on your palate! We're sure, you'll be back for more before you know it.

To understand the true texture and fabric of Kanpur, it is imperative for you to explore and eat local. This stands written on a stone as Kanpur comes with brilliant and varied gastronomic offerings, which are hard to miss. So if you're here in the city and have been thinking of stepping out on a food trail to satiate your rumbling tum-tum, then you've gotta check out these 5 iconic street-food options. We promise, even if you leave the city, the after-taste of these grubs are gonna linger on your palate for a long time to come.

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