Food & Nightlife in Kanpur

When looking for a hangout spot, we consider a great deal of things including the interiors of a place, its food, the location and even its vibe. For a place to fit all the parameters is hard enough and when you add to it how few choices there are in Kanpur, it truly makes it a difficult situation.

There aren't many places in Kanpur that can be termed the "ideal hangout spot" due to a lack in either its food, its interior or originality. But ask anyone in the city and they'll tell you, Little Chef at Mall Road is the place to be.

The bar and the stunning interiors

Little Chef is known for its comfortable and yet gorgeous interiors. The leather furniture, wood panelling and the warm lights make the place a cozy little spot where you can have either chill with a warm cup of coffee or reminisce about the old days with your pals.

Though everything about the place is stunning, the bar takes the cake. With a creamy backsplash, metallic decor and a unique backlit, the bar stands out from the rest of the place, making it the perfect background for great Instagram pictures.

Though, that's not all, the place also has a small outdoor kids section with slides and swings. So if you have a little one and think they can be a bit fussy during get-togethers and parties, just let them hang near the slide and they'll be happy as a bunny.

For the tastebuds

One would expect great things from a restaurant that is called "Little Chef"; thankfully, this one does not disappoint. The food here is pretty great and they do justice to every cuisine they serve, be it the familiar desi or the popular Chinese.

We cannot have enough of the chilli chicken, the Singapore chilli prawns, noodles, the Italian platter or the desi butter chicken, naan and handi paneer. The food served here is perfect for our spoilt palates, especially for those who like familiar flavours and want to stay away from experimentation.

Knock Knock

Little Chef is the place to be for anyone who is looking for a good vibe, some delicious familiar flavours and a dash of leisure added to the mix. The place is also ideal for family outings and dinner parties, where everyone can enjoy good food, laughter and a great ambience.

Location: 15/198- A, Near Civil Court, Civil Lines, Near, Mall Road, Kanpur

Kanpur is a city on the verge of a crucial change, the kind of food culture that is prevalent in the city today is much more progressive than say- a couple years ago. The cafe culture of the city is quite strong and there are places that offer a plethora of cuisines to pick from, including Mexican, Italian, Japanese and others. Yet, not many places do justice to the food we order and we're often left wanting more than we though of.

Yet, there are only a handful of trusty places in the city that serve delicious grub and serve food as close to authentic as you can expect in the city. One such place is Busy Beans; with four extremely popular outlets in town, the place is a staple among our favourites.

The chill interiors and delicious grub

Busy Beans is known for its ambience, the place has a great vibe to it and falls right in the lap of the new-age "cafe interiors". As is the trend with most new places, the interiors here are a blend of industrial minimalism with its white exposed brick walls and over-hanging ceiling lights.

The furniture too is the modern reclaimed wood with its shabby-chic appearance and a dash of colour, making the interiors worthy of several Instagram pictures.

While the interiors are good and all, nothing compares to the delicious grub served here. We are addicted to the baked pasta dishes, the maggi, the sandwiches and the many shakes and beverages available here.

The baked mac & cheese here is something we cannot stop appreciating while the makhani sauce pasta quite innovative and flavoursome. The loaded fries, the sandwiches and even the momos are pretty great. We found ourselves returning to the place now and again just to get a taste of the addictive makhani pasta sauce and the butter chicken sandwich.

Knock Knock

When in Kanpur and looking for delicious food, Busy Beans is where you need to be. Everything here, from the food to the ambience is as good as can be and we in Kanpur will never be able to have enough of the eatery.

Location: Arya Nagar, Saket Nagar, Mall Road, Keshavpuram

We all love a good family gathering moment. No matter how crazy, obnoxious or strict our families may be, we'll always have a soft corner for the folks in our heart. Which makes family gatherings, an affair we'd like to partake in once in a while. So, the place where our folks gather has to be right, the food good and the ambiance chill.

Which is why, if you're looking for a place where you can have some fun under parental guidance and a shared love, Antarang in Tilak Nagar is where you need to be.

Comfort, Luxury & Elegance

Antarang in Tilak Nagar is as classic as it gets. The interiors are elegant, sophisticated and there's an undeniable regal charm to the place. From the serve ware, the service to everything on the menu, at Antarang you will not find a thing to complain about.

Since the place is sophisticated it is ideal for family gatherings, dinners and catching up with friends. Unlike most modern restaurants and cafes, you can be sure that no-one will be blowing hookah smoke up your nose neither will the restaurant have offensive music blaring in the speakers.

About the food

The place is ideal for those who enjoy comfort food and the familiarity of Indian grub. The selection of dishes served here is exceptional and you cannot go wrong with the food here. The soups are a charmer and so are the breads and soup sticks served with it.

You will also fall in love with the murg gilafi kabab, murg malai tikka, Punjabi mutton chaap, stuffed paneer tikka, kumbh angaron se

For main course we'll suggest bhutta saagwala, Jodhpuri malai kofta, paneer lounglata, Kashmiri murg yakhni, gosht banjaara, fish curry, razala gosht and the noor mahal murg biryani.

What we mean is, no matter what you pick here, it is sure to get the approval nod of your mother and granny.

Knock Knock

Antarang is the place to be if you have a huge family event coming up, want to take your parents out for dinner or are just looking for a nice place to dine at. The impeccable service here will make sure that you have the time of your life while the food will liven things up.

So the next time you have a family event lined ahead, head to Antarang and have a chill time with the crazies!

Location: Rave 3, Plot 11, Block 6 Parwati Bagla Road, Tilak Nagar, Kanpur

If you have the answer to that question, Punjabi Chaap Corner in Govind Nagar is going to reward you with discounts. The deal is simple- the number of pushups you do in a minute is directly equivalent to the discount you'll get!

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Well, indeed it does and once you taste the chaaps here, you'll definitely not go back to any other chaap store. So what are you waiting for! Burn some calories and go grab that discount!

What's happening?

Think you've got what it takes to be the ultimate push up king? If so, just enter the One Minute Pushup challenge by Punjabi Chaap Corner and eat away to your heart's content. Here, the rules are simple- the number of push ups you do in a minute, get you the same amount of discount on your whole bill.

Want to save some money on chaap? Well, this is your time to shine. Since you're actually building up an appetite before hand, that discount is bound to come handy when you're stuffing your mouth. Once you're hogging those chaaps, all the hard work is going to pay off indeed.

About Punjabi Chaap Corner

Offering an upmarket vibe and an airy ambience, Punjabi Chaap corner is the go to not just for chaaps, but also for all things snacky. They've got a range of stuff for you to try out here and this challenge is a great way for you guys to get into this place.

They offer you a wide range of chaaps, so go ahead and experiment all you want. If you're feeling rather inquisitive, try the burgers and sandwiches, which are perfect for a light pick me up at any point in the day.

Knock Knock

When something cool like this happens in our city, we're all for it. This time, Punjabi Chaap corner has brought something for the fitness freaks in town and it is time to rise up.

When: December 03

Where: Punjabi Chaap Corner, Govind Nagar, Kanpur

For more information, check out this link.

Kanpur is a city that is rapidly changing. The food, the places and the nightlife has changed rapidly and we're all for it. Yet, when it comes to finding a place where one can head to for a celebration or an extravaganza, there aren't many places you can find in Kanpur.

Be it an anniversary celebration, a birthday party or a hangout session with friends, fine dining is always a good option. So if fine dining is what you're looking for, Waterside at The Landmark Hotel in Kanpur is where you need to be!

Poolside, lounge chairs and more

The Landmark Hotel is a well known place in the city, especially because it is located where all things fun happen- Mall Road. Waterside is a rooftop, poolside restaurant here that is all about the view!

With a poolside upfront, elegantly decorated interiors and a killer menu, Waterside is a must visit place. The view of the LIV deck from inside the restaurant is charming enough to beckon you to the restaurant, the service and the food are leagues apart as well!

The fine-dine restaurant is Kanpur's favourite place to celebrate at and the impeccable service here, is why it would be yours too.

For the tastebuds

While the restaurant is revered for its service and its fine dining efficiency, the food here is pretty amazing too. From the continental comforts, Thai & Chinese delicacies, to the more familiar North Indian delights, the menu offers a wide selection of food that you won't be able to say no to.

The saunfiya paneer tikka, gosht galaouti, murg malai kabab, Mediterranean chilli prawns, cottage cheese red pepper and sliced fish in chilli garlic sauce are few of our favourite dishes to start of thee feasting with.

We would also recommend the Mahi Awadhi curry, Lucknowi gosht korma and subz abeer Hyderabadi. You can also order a number of fun finger foods including nachos, burgers, pasta, lasagna and even chaat for those who like indulging their palate in delicious fare. What we mean is, no matter what your pick, the food is sure to be amazing.

Knock Knock

Waterside is one of those places you just cannot miss. The place, its interiors, the wonderful food and the service, place Waterside very high up on our list of must-visit places in Kanpur. So the next time you feel like treating yourself or celebrate the promotion you've been waiting for, Waterside is where you need to be.

Location: The Landmark Hotel, Landmark Towers, 10, Near Naveen Market, Mall Road, Kanpur

We all love a good burger. Be it a veggie crunchy extravaganza or a meaty and juicy affair, a well laid burger has the capacity to put a smile on anyone's face. Incidentally, burgers are also one of the most sought after comfort foods out there, competing neck to neck with pizzas.

When in Kanpur and looking for a good burger, we know that the options are only a few, which is why we have curated a list of Kanpur's favourites. These local joints are our tried and tested favourites and you can depend on them to provide with some delicious burgers without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Offline Cafe

Ask anyone who lives in Kanpur what the best cafe is and you're sure to hear the name 'Offline' repeated more than once. This cutesy cafe in Kanpur is all about hanging out and having fun, though the food they serve is pretty awesome-sauce too. Kanpur is especially smitten with the burgers served here, mutton 69, roomali wrapped burger and tex-mex are few of our favourites.

Location: 10/503, Near Lakme Salon, Tilak Nagar, Kanpur

2. Facebook Point

Known as the 'go-to' spot for those who're looking for a good ambience and a solid food, Facebook Point is a legendary cafe in Kanpur. The burger served here falls more in the traditional-Indian style of burgers and apart from the name, there's nothing American in this one. A fried bun nestling green chutney, aloo tikki, onion and a whole lot of flavour, this is exactly what you need when looking for a solid snack.

Location: Lal Quarter, Govind Nagar, Nandlal Chawraha, Kanpur

3. Boxo Burger

A great burger option in Kanpur, Boxo burger is as good as it get when you're looking for a good, yet reasonably priced burger. We have to give Boxo Burgers the upper-hand because of the variety of burgers they serve. We absolutely love their Paneer-e-makhani burger and the tandoori aloo chakri will have you drooling too.

Location: 111A/ 336 ashok nagar Kanpur

4. Cafe Postre

A new place in the city, Cafe Postre is Kanpur's newest hangout favourite. The place is known for its finger food and we especially love the burgers served here. The harabhara burger served here is a crowd favourite and we cannot deny the fact that it is our veggie favourite. You can also get great shakes, fries and other snack options here.

Location: 56/1, Shop 4, Block 6, Govind Nagar, Nandlal Chawraha, Kanpur

5. Model Bakery

Another oldie but a goodie, Model Bakery is an institution in Kanpur and has been one of our favourite places to hangout at. The burgers served here, though will not win any beautiful burger competitions, they are a dose of nostalgia we often need. The burgers here not only remind us of our childhood but are still to the day quite delicious and something we wouldn't want to miss.

Location: 7/117, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur

With so many options to pick from, what are you waiting for? Get your perfect burger and have a bite of bliss. Have a great experience and thank us later!

Biryani is a dish that is not just a culmination of two great things- meat and rice, but a beautiful symphony of flavours, aromas and textures. A good plate of biryani can light up your mood and instantly lift your spirits. When the fluffy rice and the juicy spicy meat touches the palate, it creates a harmonious mouth feel that cannot be found with any other dish.

If you're a fan of biryanis you know finding one with exactly the right amount of spices, flavours and aromas is extremely difficult. Which is why, we've curated a list of all the places in Kanpur where you can find good biryani that too in under 200 bucks!

1. Baba Biryani

Known all over Kanpur as the go-to biryani place, Baba Biryani has created a niche when it comes to serving deliciously prepared biryani. The chicken biryani served here is light, flavourful and aromatic while the chicken is perfectly cooked and juicy.

The best part is that two people can savour a filling meal in just a couple hundred bucks here. Seems like an overall win-win situation!

Location: KDA Colony Jajmau, Kanpur

2. Khan Baba

Khan Baba is another one of Kanpur's favourites. The place has become a reliable non-veg spot for the city, their takatak rolls and the biryani is legendary enough to attract people from all corners of the city.

The biryani served at Khan Baba is light, the rice fluffy and aromatic and the meat is just falling off the bone. While they serve a pretty great chicken biryani, we would highly recommend trying the Mutton Dumpukht and the tikka biryani.

Location: Mega Mall, Near Heer Palace, Mall Road, Kanpur

3. Chacha Biryani

Chacha Biryani is the "it" place to be at when you're looking for some pretty darn delicious chicken biryani. At Chacha Biryani, you get a deliciously roasted piece of chicken that is not only perfectly cooked but juicy and soft.

The biryani is spiced just right, hence you will not require a salan, chutney or raita when you're having it, but we'd still recommend dipping your spoon in a bowlful.

Location: Awas Vikas 1, Near Escort World School, Infront Of Central Bank Of India, Keshavpuram, Kanpur

4. Ajmeri Darbar

If you're someone who enjoys the robust spices of Rajasthan and have been wanting to bite into a juicy piece of chicken and taste a flavourful rice dish, this is where you need to be.

Ajmeri Darbar is the place for people who like their biryani with an added kick of spice. The spicy chicken is what makes the biryani served at Ajmeri Darbar so much better and you have to try it yourself to experience the richness of flavours.

Location: 15/17, MP Mill Ka Hata, RTO Road, Opp Dainik Jagran Office, Sarvodaya Nagar. Kanpur

5. Tandoori Nights

Located in the student hub of Kakadeo, Tandoori Nights is where the students come to get their dose of biryani. The place hence, is not only reasonable but serves some of the best biryani you'll find this side of the city.

If you're a lover of the rich-flavourful biryani which is not just about the chicken but has a great flavour for the rice too, this is where you need to be.

Location: 117 P 512 Chapera Pulia, Hitkari Nagar, Tulsi Nagar, Navin Nagar, Kakadeo, Kanpur

So what are you waiting for? Go grab those wallets, get out or just order in and have a delicious plate of biryani. Let us know if we've missed your go-to biryani point and which is your fave place from the lot. Happy Eating!

Kanpur has slowly emerged as a youth-friendly city with multiple options for us to choose from according to our moods! Be it weekend plans, random midnight hankerings or a mid-week session with friends, Kanpur has tons of options to keep us busy.

Since Navratri has come to an end, we’re out of our sobriety shells already but to keep the festivities going on, we’ve chalked a place for you to chill at. Here at Mall Road in Kanpur, Nikke Nikke Shots is a party lounge where you can party to the fullest, amidst kick-ass swanky vibes.

What’s the Vibe?

One of the best party hubs in Kanpur, Nikke Nikke Shots is really popular because of their kick-ass playlist, delish grubs and of course, the refined crowd! Here you’ll find all the cool people of K-town hanging out together and if you too, just wanna kick back and let your hair down, come over ASAP.

The textured walls, comfy seating arrangements, colourful murals and the courteous service- all of it adds to the sprightly ambience here at Nikke Nikke Shots! They even arrange bachelorettes, birthday parties and other events according to the requirements and you’ll love this place absolutely.

For the Palate!

Apart from being one of the most popular weekend hangout hubs, Nikke Nikke Shots is really popular for its spread of North Indian food too. Try out the Crispy Corn, Noodles, Pasta, Honey Chilli Potato and to wash it all down, order their LIITs. They serve their food and beverages in quirky trinkets too so be ready to amp up your Instagram feed too.

Knock Knock

Navratri has come to an end but don’t let the celebrations stop! Come over to Nikke Nikke Shots and get sloshed enough to wake up with a hangover and the experience of a crazy night.

Location: 16/72 A, Civil Lines, Kanpur, Mall Road, Kanpur

Timings: 3pm – 12midnight

Cost: ₹3,000 for two people (approx.)  with alcohol