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Sheltered in the thick of a manmade forest, Kanpur's Allen Forest Zoo beckons nemophilists

So let's take a virtual safari through this place that has captivated visitors for over 3 decades now.

Kanpur's Allen Forest Zoo is one of the oldest zoological parks in India, situated in Nawabganj- approximately 7 km away from the main city. With an area of 76.56 hectares, the terrain of the park resembles a high woodland and the locale is truly a treat for wildlife photographers.

Situated in the manmade Allen Forest, this zoological park houses a picturesque landscape, lush vegetation, a pristine lake and several rare species of plants and animals. So let's take a virtual jungle safari through this place that has captivated visitors for over 3 decades now!

Enclosures designed based on the latest trends in zoo-building technology

The Allen Forest Zoo was constructed in 1971 by the state government and it opened its doors to the public on 4th of February, 1974. Many difficulties were faced by the officials to convert this area into a zoo due to the already existing forest and it was in 1976 that 10 enclosures were built in Kanpur's Zoological Park.

The park is divided into two parts to segregate the animals in open and moated enclosures, that have been designed based on the latest trends in the field of zoo-building technology. The moated space gives the animals an ample stretch for movement and also, helps in expressing their biological and physiological expressions. The enclosures are screened so that one particular area is not visible from the other end, to protect the animals from any psychological pressures.

State-of-the-art paddocks, a standardised veterinary facility & what-not!

The first animal housed in this zoo was an otter, gifted to the director, Mr. R. S. Bhaduria, by one of his relatives from Etawah. Now, the park is maintained by the Forest Department of Uttar Pradesh and is home to many wildlife species including white tigers, leopards, black bears, grizzly bears, sloths, zebras, rhinos, hippos and reptiles too, such as snakes! With prominent life-sized models of dinosaurs, state-of-the-art paddocks, a standardised veterinary facility and attractive garden areas, the park even offers endless selfie spots.

Knock Knock

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to do our bit towards the preservation of this heritage site. Thus, when here, do keep the premises clean! Also, in this pandemic stricken 'new-world', it is mandatory to take precautions before heading out; so do arm yourselves with sanitisers and masks while packing for this road trip.

Location: Nawabganj, Kanpur

Timings: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (Closed on Mondays)

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