Fugees in Kanpur is the perfect student friendly hangout with great grub & low prices

Fugees in Kanpur is the perfect student friendly hangout with great grub & low prices


With a number of coaching centres and educational institutes popping up in the city, Kanpur has become a student hub. Kanpur is an endless sea of students and these students have endless woes, the biggest of which is finding a good "hangout place" with nice food.

If you aren't made of money, you too must have felt that we need more reasonably priced cafes than expensive night clubs in Kanpur. If you're a student who's always on the lookout for new places around Mall Rad, Fugees is perfect for you!

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The Vibe

Located at Mall Road, Fugees is a name you must be aware of, if you live anywhere around the area. The place is known for its simple outdoor seating, with fairy lights and tungsten bulbs hanging overhead and laughter ringing from distinct tables.

Fugees is a small outlet, with a plastic table and chair setup outside and a 'hole in the wall' kind of setting. Yet, the outlet is flocked by all sorts of people, looking to taste the great food offered here.

Plus, come Diwali, Fugees is going to have an indoor seating with a whole new restaurant setup and we cannot wait for it!

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The Food

Fugees is known for its impeccable quality of food and it is all the reason we love this joint. Though small, the outlet serves some of the best food available in Kanpur and has an extremely reasonable price point.

The outlet serves some of our favourite dishes, the galouti kebab and paratha here is legendary and so is the paneer roll, the pizza, simple cheeseburger, rice, juicy lucy chicken and cheesy nachos.

They also have a great beverage selection, the iced tea, classic cold coffee and strawberry shake being our favourites.

Coming here with a friend and just wolfing down all the good food is enough to make anyone happy!

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Knock Knock

The food outlet is perfect for any one who wants to have delicious food on a budget. Everything they serve is pretty delicious and you wouldn't go wrong with any order you place here. The best part about them is that you and a friend can come here, have enough food to fill your tum-tum and still not pay anything over ₹500.

Location: 15/93, Cemetery Lane, Latthe Wali Kothi, Civil Lines, Near Mall Road

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