Get ready for a laughter riot with Jeeveshu Ahluwalia at Pop Out Loud in Kanpur on July 3

Get ready for a laughter riot with Jeeveshu Ahluwalia at Pop Out Loud in Kanpur on July 3

Book your tickets on the Knocksense app to get discounts on your tickets for this show!

Bringing you Kanpurites a chance to beat the week's monotony with a laughter riot, Knocksense is hosting its first-ever comedy event, Pop Out Loud in Kanpur on July 3. To tickle your funny bone, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia is coming to to Kanpur's Lajpat Bhawan Hall, with a promise of giggles, jokes, puns and uncapped fun with your friends and fam! Well we are not Saanp Ke Bache and have already cleared our schedule for the show, and here's the deal that will make you too:

What's the deal?

The point is that vacations are about to end and by the time July begins, most of us will be back to the grind, albeit disheartedly. So the plan is to make sure that your first weeked post-the-holiday bliss is cool enough to ease you back into the groove of work-life. And to ensure just that, we have comic Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, bringing his dose of realism wrapped in punch lines and kicks, to get you going.

For this, there are three categories of passes available for all, namely VIP, General and Balcony. Priced economically at ₹599, ₹349 and ₹199 respectively, these passes come with a complimentary 1 year Platinum membership. To put it simply, this pass not only sorts your entry to the Jeeveshu Ahluwalia show but also gets you exclusive privileges, deals and discounts across a host of local brands in Kanpur! Now, you may continue the laughter.

For those who are already Knocksense members, take our word - you are fit for the show, if not Subway. All Platinum subscribers have the chance to attend this show at just ₹1. All you've gotta do is, get your passes via the Knocksense App and then the handsome cashback, on the same day as booking.

Ticket prices for Paytm Insider:

Balcony: ₹249, General: ₹399, VIP: ₹499

Tickets prices for BMS:

Balcony: ₹249, General: ₹399, VIP: ₹499

Knock Knock 

If you wanna join in the laughter riot with a writer par excellence and comedian that can have you bubbling with giggles, this is you chance. You know rest of the drill - download the Knocksense App, become get your passes and viola! It's done.

P.S- You can also get your passes from BookMyShow or PaytmInsider too!

See you around 8:00 PM at Lajpat Bhawan Hall on July 3, Kanpur!

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